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Did you have dental problems due to Meth?

trish70 Teeth and Meth use
Did any of you have dental problems due to meth? If so how long did you use? Did the problems start right away?

My sister has always had bad teeth, she just found out they have to take her last 4 on the bottom. She claim she has only used meth 2x's....probably another lie. Just trying to make sence of all this.
Re: Teeth and Meth use
My addict lost two molars and his front teeth are also worn way down from grinding them.

He is 35 years old ... has used off/on since he was 15. Once he started smoking ice, that's when the teeth problems really seemed to kick in (or maybe they were just catching up from all the previous years of use).
Re: Teeth and Meth use
My hubby's teeth are a mess. In fact,he is dealing with a severe tooth ache right now. He has lost almost all of his back teeth....combination of meth and bad genetics (his parents have really weak teeth).
Re: Teeth and Meth use
Hi sweetheart: Yes, meth destroyed my teeth. They are all gone. I used for 13 years and have been clean for almost 10 years.

The dope ate away at not only the enamel on my teeth, but also deteriorated alot of the bone that secures the teeth, so many of the teeth I lost weren't rotten, there was just nothing to anchor them because I had so much bone loss.

No one in my family has had anywhere near the problems with their teeth, except me, the former meth addict.

Bad teeth is a very good indicator of how long and/or how much a person is using.
trish70 Re: Teeth and Meth use
All these signs are like putting together a puzzle trying to see the whole picture. I really wonder if this is why she has lost all her teeth. How long has she been using...I will never get the truth from her

The dentist said it is the worst he has ever seen and everyone else in the family have no dental problems.

Wow really hate what meth destroys...really lost right now!!!
teeth and meth
OMG i have lost two teeth so far and i am only 17 so i have decided to quit its only been 2 weeks though so im stayin strong
no more
Re: teeth and meth
I didn't see this post till just now... dentists have actually named it "meth mouth".

Eats away the enamel, plus most drug addicts don't take care of themselves at all let alone the teeth.
Re: teeth and meth
This is the most comprehensive list of reasons for meth mouth that I've ever found.
Re: Teeth and Meth use
I used meth steadily and abundantly for 7 years or so and now I suffer what is lovingly known as meth mouth. (I injected, not smoked too. You'd think it wouldn't be so hard of the teeth, huh? NOT) In my case, my teeth have just completely deteriorated and most of them are down to the gums. I am going through a program now that is going to help me financially to have all 10 of the teeth that I have left removed and get dentures. Praise God! I think it's impossible for meth not to tear your teeth down. I was aware of what it could do and brushed repeatedly through the day (this was one of my OCD things during use) but still failed to be able to protect my teeth. There are several good websites pertaining to meth mouth complete with the lovely pictures. Be prepared. It's not pretty.
Re: Teeth and Meth use
To freeatlast:
get dentures. Praise God!
This is my best advice to anyone regarding the above......SAVE AS MANY AS YOUR OWN TEETH AS YOU CAN AFFORD TO!!! Dentures suck. They look good, even though they changed my whole jaw line, but it sucks having them.
Penel0pe Re: Teeth and Meth use
I don't know why, it makes no sense at all (Good Genes?) but I used for 26 years and have only lost 2 teeth (The last molar on the top right, and the last molar on the bottom left.)

I confessed to my dentist that I am a recovering meth user, and he said that he thinks he will be able to "Save" the rest of my teeth without any problems (As long as I show up and sit in his chair!)

As a tweeker I was a compulsive toothbrusher - that may be part of what saved my teeth.

I don't know why I have been so lucky - I have a front tooth that has had a crack through it since I was about 11 and it still hasn't broken!

Here is one issue where I can count my blessings; I lost everything BUT my teeth, somehow!
Re: Teeth and Meth use
Does Meth Mouth begin with sore gums?? My BF has been saying his gums have been hurting and just been rubbing ambosel on them. But I'm thinking it is just the beginning of his teeth falling out!! But if they do, (which they will) I'm sure it will have NOTHING to do with his using!! I can already hear him and his lies!!
Re: Teeth and Meth use
My Teeth are beautiful!
.....Because, I take em out and brush em every day.

My teeth crumbled like chalk.
....I've pulled my own teeth with pliers because they break and the points would stab my tongue.

I used wrigglys spirament gum to fill in the gaps.

...it's bad for ya.
Re: Teeth and Meth use
the gums hurt from grinding...
....if he has white spots or cankers on the sides of his tongue, it's a vitimin B deficiency.

my advice is...

either swish warm salt water...several times a day.

if that does'nt work....

brush em of corse....
...hold peroxide in your mouth....don't swallow...let it bubble..

it'll help immediately.
Re: Teeth and Meth use
.....Because, I take em out and brush em every day.
LOL!!! Me too.
I used wrigglys spirament gum to fill in the gaps
I used to try to prolong the loss of a tooth that just came out in my hand by super-glueing it back in. It worked, for awhile
Re: Teeth and Meth use
I just came across this post. I noticed awhile back that my sons teeth have a "grayish" tint to them now. Is that meth mouth. I really think my son has been using longer than I thought. I don't blame myself for his using but I do blame myself for not seeing it sooner.

See also:

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