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Meth / Sex / Dopamine release levels

TnSkye Meth / Sex / Dopamine
Sex causes a jump in dopamine release levels. Meth causes a monster jump. I imagine that having sex while using meth is done for the same reason that people smoke dope and drink, or use pills and drink, it intensifies the high. I know, it lowers inhibitions, but I would guess that the intensified high is an 'incentive' as well.

If it takes 18 months to bring dopamine levels back up to 80%, isn't that what 'they' say? How would one deal with not receiving the same amount of pleasure sexually during that time? And what about afterwards if levels never return to 100%? Do drugs such as Viagra compensate? What about natural drugs?

Leslie, I'm sorry if this is hard for you. Just hoping that my husband's sex-life is short lived now.  No guarantees, I know, but alot of wishful thoughts.

(He used ALOT longer than your hubby.)
Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
It is hard, but I really want to know.

I mean...in my eyes, I couldn't 'keep up' or 'satisfy' him sexually when he was high. I couldn't come close to providing the pleasure that the dope and jacking off did (apparantly).

So my biggest fear is again, the satisfaction will not be there with just me, because of the low dopamine levels, and it will increase the chances of a relapse.

It will be about 17 months that he has been clean when he gets out, so figure on what 'they' say, dopamine levels being at about 80%.
Loraura Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
Viagra doesn't have any impact on the pleasure felt from having sex. It simply aids the body in achieving and maintaining an erection. It doesn't work on dopamine at all. If I recall, it inhibits the recycling of a hormone that relaxes blood vessicles that allows blood to enter (and then not exit) the penis, thus causing an erection.

FOr those of you worrying about the pleasure your partner will or won't feel from sober sex... I think keeping a few things in perspective might help:

1) Even "bad sex" isn't that bad!!
2) Sex isn't always about achieving mind blowing orgasms.
3) Your relationship with your partner is based on many other things, not just sex, and this turn of events could be just the thing you both need to focus on other aspects of the relationship. Don't under-estimate the power of cuddles and kisses!!
Sfj Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
Now then, let me jump right in and agree with most of what you say and disagree with a small part.

You're right in that viagra probably doesn't directly affect the brain's chemistry regarding the "feel-good" stuff like dopamine, seratonin, norepinehprine, etc.

But let's look at the psychological part.
Most guys, who get an hour or better erection, especially if they are older, are going to "feel better" about themselves.

Another disgreement. I don't think it will help any guy attain an erection. It WILL help sustain an erection.

Like most guys, when it was first introduced I had to experiment and yes, it pretty much lived up to expectations.
Personally, There are some things about it I don't like.
1. It gave me headaches.
2. It made my face feel flushed.
3. It just feels phony and unnatural. I prefer my wife using her allure and skills, to a eating a dumb pill. So I haven't used viagra for a number of years now. I seriously belive that physical fitness and good blood circulation, even in mature men is a better option.

4. Maybe when I get older (God forbid) I might change my mind.
5. Anyone who uses viagra with meth is foolish.
6. I have Zero experience with the others - Levitra, Cialis.
Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
This might be too personal and if so ,sorry.

Anyhow, did you take the Viagra before, during, or after you were using meth Were your erection problems from the meth use or from other things like ageing?
Sfj Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine

I'm way past the point of anything being too personal anymore. (almost)

Using meth caused incredible erectile dysfunction.
But at the time, I had a "Who gives a Rat's A$$" attitude,
so I used viagra with meth. I think that was very foolish.

Getting clean, restored the normal functions, at least, IMHO, as much as eighty to ninety-five per cent. (maybe closer to one hundred per cent, I dunno)

Getting older does have the condition of decreased testosterone. Not much we can do about that. And sooner or later, every human will either die or get older.

Meth doesn't necessarily assist a guy in having orgasm.

There is a limit to the number he can have during a week, a day, etc. The body needs to replenish itself in the sexual department just like any other function. There is a limit.

But the area that seems to be without limit, when using meth, is the desire. Insatiable. That is why it is not uncommon to hear stories from guys who will masturbate for hours and hours.

Even twenty-four hours non-stop or more. But those events are not often accompanied by erection or orgasm.
The guys in CMA often refer to the "Twenty-four hour taffy pull."

Is that TMI?

Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
You've just described my husband.

....and hours and hours and hours....a true marathon.

In the end...I don't think he was able to cum no matter what he did or who he did.
Loraura Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
Thanks for your additional insight, SFJ. Having the proper equipment does give you a big advantage (no pun intended). I personally wouldn't feel any particular pride or happiness just for being aroused for long periods of time.

Hell, most of the time I'm trying to beat the clock just to NOT be arroused anymore!!
Sfj Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
I remember the TV comdedian making a comment on the the disclaimer from either Cialis or Levitra.

The ad's disclaimer said, if you have an erection for longer than four hours you should seek medical help. (or words to that effect)

The comic said,

"hell, if I have an erection that lasts four hours, I'm gonna seek a witness."

Another point for Loraura,

You said,
I personally wouldn't feel any particular pride or happiness just for being aroused for long periods of time.
And here's my reply. getting a sustained or prolonged Viagra erection, to me, wasn't all that arousing or exciting. Seriously, it actually did nothing to increase desire, libido, or "Horniness."

This may sound strange, but if you can imagine Mr. Happy standing at attention and having nothing to do. He's just standing there.
TnSkye Re: Meth / Sex / Dopamine
Thanks guys. I think I understand a little more now. I have no sex life but it helped to fill a few blanks from the past.

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