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Meth and sex

meth and sex

I am wondering something about my husband. I found out 6 months ago he had been doing meth. He has been clean and in the na program the last 6 months. He never missed work, was home all the time, just stayed up late. My question, for anyone that can enlighten me, I read that meth heightens your sex drive.

When he was using meth we weren't having sex because we couldn't stand each other (I didn't know he was using). Anyway, he says it affects everyone differently and he never had an affair. His gig was sniffing meth and keeping his high. When we did have sex, it lasted a lot longer, but I just wonder about this. Can anyone enlighten me?

Re: meth and sex
Anyway he says it affects everyone differently

I strongly agree.
For myself personally, it heightened my sexuality, and I was more willing/wanting more hard core sex.
In other words, no inhibitions while I was high on Meth.
For others....it was the opposite extreme.

he never had an affair

Neither did I. I was faithful, but during my meth psychosis, I thought it was my boyfriend that was being unfaithful to me!
It was all in my head

Re: meth and sex
That must be the paranoia because I can remember on a few different occasions where he would think because I was out of town on bus travel that I was with someone else. He used to leave early in the mornings, like an hour and half before he had to be to work. I thought he was cheating. This is the time he said he would go get high to start his day so he would know when to crash and come home and sleep so he could hide it from me. He blamed it on work, either the not sleeping or being exhausted, because he worked so hard.
Re: meth and sex


meth heightens your sex drive.
When he was using, we weren't doing it, cause we couldn't stand each other ( I didn't know he was using).

there's the catch 22
....the same thing happens in everyone's relationship if meth is involved.
.....speed freaks masturbate a lot.

Re: meth and sex
It does effect every one differently. When my husband was using, sex was out of the question. It just wouldn't work.


Re: meth and sex
.....speed freaks masturbate a lot.

Well Suzi. here I take issue cause for guys ...... Masturbation on meth,. well you might as well have tried to wank off a wet sock.

Re: meth and sex
Hubby's would work for the most part....hard for 12 14 hours...he just couldn't finish.
Re: meth and sex
I was so not interested in sex when I was on speed...
heroin was different.

And I find the opposite in so many others. 

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