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Hypersexuality - Did meth cause you to cheat on your spouse?

mtgl7771 Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I've heard and learned a lot about meth and other drugs making you "hyper sexual". And I know now from exp. that my husband is watching and downloading porn and racy videos. Can anyone tell me, while they were on meth, did you NOT cheat on your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend etc? Just want stats.
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
Meth did not make me hypersexual, although it did to the XXXTREME with several men I knew while using, i.e. cheating, extreme need for porn movies and mags (an incredible volume of), prostitutes, exotic dancers, fake um, female parts, transexualism, homosexual behavior that was not present pre-meth, and the list goes on.
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I used with my husband.
At first, in the beginning we were hypersexual.
Then as our addiction progressed, sex got in the way of more important things like scrubbing the kitchen tile with a toothbrush, organizing cabinets, rearranging the contents of the refrigerator, and his activities of taking apart the dash in the van to rewire the stereo system and speakers.

When he returned to using 8 years later, there was very little if any sex. It wouldn't work.
Now whether or not he had better luck using his own hand, I have no idea. I have never asked.
His obsession compulsive activity consisted of starting many home improvements and finishing absolutely none.
Collecting and stock piling junk- lots of junk. Wood, metal, lawn mowers, bricks, etc etc etc.

Neither of us cheated - with meth or without.
Too busy collecting junk and finding creative uses for the junk he collected.
Or cleaning.
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
No, I became a sex fiend. There was never enough sex. No matter how much I got I just wanted more. I became uncontrollable with my sexual urges.
If he's doing porn, it is the beginning of the end. If he's not habitually doing it already.
marakris Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I cheated. I felt so disconnected from everyone. I actually had a lowered sex drive, in a way. But most of my cheating was getting lots and lots of numbers and having dozens of men calling, emailing, meeting me for lunch. I wasn't with my husband at the time, but I had a boyfriend, sort of. I found myself doing all sorts of things that being on meth somehow justified. In my normal mind, it would have been morally wrong.
Like, after my "kind of" boyfriend left my house (high and in the middle of the night)- I would go and meet boyfriend #2, that worked the midnight shift. And if he wasn't working, possibly hook up (not nec. sexually) with lots of other people.
For example, once, between my boyfriends house and work...I met 4 men on the road back from lunch break.
I would not normally do this, or even consider it but, the voice that tells you something is "unhealthy/wrong" is just gone..... 
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
Neither me or my husband cheated on each other with someone else but I became obsessed with sex toys and as soon as he would leave I would pleasure myself and with him chat rooms and porn became his obsession when I wasn't around. But we always had sex normally at least once a day. But since we got sober neither one of us has watched porn or used toys!
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I'm the oddball..
I loved sex on heroin....
any speed just made me want to follow in T's doped-up state.. cleaning, packing, sorting, starting a project that never got done.

I never got into porn while using, had kids in the house, why hidden dope was ok and not porn??? go figure..
The ex was into porn, and probably because I knew what we were doing was wrong, especially if the kids found out, withholding of the porn was probably my justification for slamming the dope.

Now, that I'm older and hardly ever have a kid in the house, porn is starting to interest me.

I know, I'm twisted.
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?

This could be your relationship on meth.
To answer your question--
On meth I did not cheat on my (now ex) fiancé.
(At least not that I remember.)
Once I looked @ this room full of people and wished that I had the stomach to do @ least one of them...for spite against my then lover.

On meth he (ex fiancé) was so bad that he cheated on me @ the same party I was @.
I guess he thought I was too tweaked to notice a mother and son combo giving him oral.
(He tried to claim it was me and her,
but I had so many meth sores in my mouth and tongue that I couldn't have given Arnold Swartnager oral if he was there.)
I just don't remember anything after the light bulb until we were all in the parking lot leaving.

My ex fiancé's nose--crooked from being broken before--was straight the next day.
And my knuckles and both hands were swollen, & I couldn't figure out why.
I didn't put two and two together until he opened his mouth trying to get me not to leave him.

Maybe that's why nobody ever invited me to a meth (or crack) little festive sex gangbang.
I feel like such a party pooper.
Here I was a crack user and t-total meth addict
and I never did anything really kinky.
Ohhh poops! 
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I was a twisted, perverted, kinky, @#%$ in heat.....
..........that was very, very, faithful.  still am.
I drew my own porno, and since I jack off with running water,....I was a very clean speed freak.
I took frequent baths.
When I quit speed....
.... for a while I was sexually desensitized.
I didn't care if I ever had sex again.
what helped me most was erotic creative writing.
.....it at least got me thinking, and understanding what turns me on now.
......hence, my sex forum on my website.
anyone with indifference and disinterest toward sex, in their recovery...
....I encourage you to try it.
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
My partner was very hyper sexual. Either it was with me or he preferred porn. Even downloaded some sick crap on the internet. I even found some strange home made sex toys he used (I won't go into detail).

Eventually sex with him was not nice anymore. It was meaningless cold sex. He would have a blank stare on his face.
Then even later he had a hard time getting "it" to stay up.
I think everyone is different.

Hope this helps
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I feel like my name is hyper sexual.
...I keep stopping when I see this topic.
I'm hyper/sexual ...and friendly.
marakris Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I'm way more sexual than the average woman. And much much more sexual OFF of meth....It just made me flake out and do the extensity thing vs. intensity thing- I think....
I think it's more interesting to me when someone is into sex for the spiritual/connection thing...like tantric sex, that's the best...
Meth sex is like "oh my god, do me hard, do me now, just do me (friends, neighbors, countrymen)" vs. tantric sex, which is an extremely deep spiritual awakening that lasts for days...
I'm way off the point.....I know.
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I might have to give that tantric sex stuff a try sometime! Sounds fun.

But, I agree with what you are saying about meth and sex. I feel much more sexual off meth also. It was just too numbing and I was too busy cleaning or doing my hair and makeup, or picking out things to wear and jewelry/shoes. I made sure there were plenty of interested men around to chase me. I just didn't have sex with them. Which isn't to say that I never had sex or enjoyed sex on meth....I was just too busy. 
marakris Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
Ya, it's weird like that, making sure lots of guys were around, calling and promising to go out with them, then blowing them off....
What a waste of time.
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
It was a waste of time, but it was still fun!  Just kidding. What was really a waste of time was all the other weird @#%$ I did.
marakris Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
Ya, I guess it WAS FUN......I wanna get high!!! TOTALLY KIDDING!!!!

All of it was totally stupid, cuz I wouldn't waste my time with any of the people that I talked to back then.....OK, that's not ENTIRELY true either......

What's my point? I guess I don't have one...but I gotta go.....I will think about this and come back later....
Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I had phases in a speed run.  day one, I cleaned
day2 ....I got artistic, and destroyed the house again creating.
...end of day2 approximately 24 hours later...I was a sexual loose cannon..........but on paper (drawings) and sex with my BF.  or alone in the bathtub.
but it was extravagant on meth.
....to jack off in the bathtub I had all these props.
......I liked wet silk feel, garters and stockings and mirrors, nipple clips......
....so I'm fully dressed, heels and all....in the bathtub.
with mirrors so I wouldn't be lonely and I could see what I looked like when.........uhm.
I guess we better talk about this in my sex forum.


........tantric sex, which is an extremely deep spiritual awakening that lasts for days...

I would LOVE to have this uncut discussion with you.
...I never did the tantra, but I'm interested, I read some stuff on it........but never knew anyone who did it.
check your messages...
....so I can show you the appropriate place to really have this discussion.

Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
All I know is it is starting to affect how I have sex.. I wonder too much ( hope this isn't too much info for some ppl) if he HAS to be high to have sex with me... I wonder if when the times he starts out all excited but then it comes time to finish he can't .. wants to but can't.. his *member" won't cooperate with his head, its all that @#%$.

You made perfect sense to me. Me too.
and it is all that shyt. It is.

Re: Hypersexuality - Did meth cause cheating?
I wasn't dating anyone "exclusively" when I was using.

I had sex with a lot of people, though. In some very bad situations, and not safely.

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