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Understanding meth addict behavior

Understanding meth addict behavior
I called my x-husband yesterday to check on my son. I had not talked to him at all since Sunday. My son got a job last week and worked Thursday and Friday. He used that as an excuse not to go back to counseling (no time). He seemed to be doing fine Sunday when I saw him.
His dad said he had not worked any all week this week. He said he saw a strange vehicle at my son's late Wednesday night. He went over and woke him up at 2:00 P.M. yesterday (still sleeping).
My x-husband said things are getting just like before. He said the least little thing that does not go his way...he goes into a rage. My X said he was sick and tired of paying his bills for him to lay on his butt. I told him to stop that I was not going to pay his bills either.
I am confused about one day he seems to be fine and the next he is in a total rage...totally different person.
I had my hopes up when he started working again and was beginning to wonder if I had done the right thing sending the letter to the judge and DA (whom I have not heard from).
I just don't understand completely the way meth works I guess. It almost seems when he is high is the only time he is able to function half way normal. The court date is coming up June 06,2006 and I plan to talk with the judge and DA about court ordered rehab. Any advice anyone can give will be greatly appreciated. If anyone can help me understand "normal addict behavior" please do. Thanks for listening, I know God will work things out in his own way and time, but in the mean time it just hurts so bad.
Re: Understanding meth addict behavior
My son is like this also. He was supposed to start a real good paying job Monday. He didn't go. I asked him about it and he said they changed the start day to Friday (today). Spoke with him last night and he said now it's Monday. See, I believe he is not being truthful. He got 70.00 and I believe he got high and now won't go to work. He is a very untruthful young man. He was never this way before. I remember when he was a small child and knew he would be in trouble for something he had done. He would still own up to it. He didn't lie to me about stuff. Sure does now.

He also gets angry at me for questioning him about anything. Therefore, I pretty much don't. I mean he is an adult and it is his life. Right now, he don't much want me to be a part of that.

He is not bad but this drug has screwed his thinking and his morals up totally. He has changed so much that sometimes I have to remind myself that he is my son. See, I know my boy is in there somewhere, I just gotta find him.

Typical addict behavior, I would say yes. And yeah, it really does hurt. I truly am sorry this drug has come into the lives of our children. It's hard to deal. In the meantime, I pray alot.

Hang in there and take care.
Re: Understanding meth addict behavior
In my exeperience with my use, in the first 14 days or so after my last use, I sleep a lot. Then it evens out some.

From what I've been taught in rehab, Post Accute Withdrawl Syndrome (PAWS) can effect a crystal user for 6 months to 3 years after his/her last use. Some symptoms of PAWS are erratic sleeping patterns, poor attention, short-term memory loss, a lack of a concept of time, irritability.

When I try to skip out of treatment because "I don't have time," or any other reason it's either I'm fighting the PAWS symptoms and can't get myself to treatment when I'm supposed to or I'm on my way to relapse by rationalizing the need to not participate in reocvery.
Re: Understanding meth addict behavior
Thanks you guys so much for responding. This is really the only place I have to go talk about this other than my sister. Sierranights our sons sound like they could be twins. It is amazing to me how powerful this drug is and what it has done to my son. It has literally buried my son somewhere. The person that is in my son's body now is not the son that I knew. God Bless You Both.

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