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Does Meth cause swollen fingers?

samwitch Swollen fingers from using meth?
I soon want to share my story and get some advice, but for now---does anyone know if using meth causes ones fingers to look swollen? Also, I know heavy use can cause twitching, but is there another type of just "slight" involuntary muscle twitching, like maybe when someone is coming off of a period of use?
Tanks so much
hdftboy Re: Swollen fingers from using meth?
I found that after using, the next 3-4 days, my fingers would "feel" swollen. Also, my joints and knees would just kill.

The only thing I could think that was going on is that when I was high, my body kicked out almost all the water in my body. I would pee like crazy for hours after getting high. Then the swelling. Perhaps natures way of trying to survive.

After a week or so, I would start feeling normal again.
25 years
but no
Re: Swollen fingers from using meth?
Hi SamWitch - Welcome to the board!  I used meth for 25 years, and I have been clean for almost 2 years now. My fingers used to swell also when I was coming down, but I have no idea what the cause was. I am sure that someone else here will be able to answer your question though.
lily Re: Swollen fingers from using meth?
My brother has very swollen fingers.

The skin on his hands and fingers is also very patchy and dry.

Hes been injecting meth for a long time, and sometimes into the tops of his hands. I always thought the swelling was because of this, but i dont know for certain.

Maybe someone else can help further.
Re: Swollen fingers from using meth?
my fingers were'nt swollen..
....red, like rosatia... aged, burns, ragged nails.

kinda like...
vctry7 Re: Swollen fingers from using meth?
I wish someone with some medical knowledge would reply to this.

I had the same thing happen after a year of heavy use. My fingers would swell after using for a couple of days. There was no redness or itching. There were also times I would cough up small amounts of blood and had such trouble breathing I though I had pneumonia.

A nurse later said it sounded like conjestive heart failure. My doctor wouldn't comment one way or the other. She just said there wasn't enough research on meth to know what it does and whatever happened while I was using should've be"cured" by the time I was a few months clean.
samwitch Re: Swollen fingers from using meth?
I have a beautiful baby girl--one week old today. After 6 months of bliss and planning a future and a Christmas engagement, daddy got "weird" and then....weirder.
Knowing him for 2 1/2 years, I was unaware of drug history. Distance, rages, blaming, confusion, even violence. I was so lost. It was inexplicable. He disappeared 2 weeks before the birth. Told me he wasn't able to be ere via a text message. Quit his job the same way.
In a new relationship--(but she seems "normal"--not like a user. A berklee music student, talented with a demanding schedule. OUCH..it hurts to think of her)
Anyway, daddy came to see baby for two days.
Oldfriends of his were finally able to talk to me about the possibility of drugs, probably meth, as they saw my pain and confusion and wanted to help. This is based on long ago behavior--no one knew if he was using now.
When he was here, I didn't recognize him.
he fell in love with our daughter, but was hateful toward me. (projected guilt?)
I looked for signs--any little thing--thats why I reached out here.
The swollen fingers were one. He always had beautiful slender hands. The muscle twitching at night and then on the day he left again. Just slight jerking movements in legs and hands every few minutes or so.
I think some night sweating, but that happens to me sometimes, too.
Drinking lots of vodka and sweet drinks he normally doesn't like--such as gatorade and lemonade.(No, I never left him alone with baby). Lots of sleeping, but it could be the alcohol(?).
Good appetite, though. I thought meth made you not want to eat?
Frantic effort to get back to the city after only 2 days with the child he had been so excited about for so long.
Lost, dark eyes--as if his soul was gone.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
I am so sad and lonely and ache for our child.

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