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Cannot afford meth counseling or rehab

Cannot afford meth counseling or rehab

I am a 24 year old male from santa barbara, CA and I have been using meth for 2 years. I want to quit. I have tried on my own several times with little success. I am looking for help. The one problem I keep on running into is that I am living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford counseling or rehab. I am new to the area and I don't have any family or friends for support. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find some help? Thanks

Re: Cannot afford meth counseling or rehab

12 step meetings are free. They are also a great way to Make freinds who are recovering addicts, and support you in the daily struggle to get and remain clean. Meetings in your area can be found at www.crystalmeth.org as well as
www.NA.org. Also the chatroom is here and open 24/7. Hope to see you there. You can do this... Keep trying till you stay clean. It's worth it to have a real life.

Re: Cannot afford meth counseling or rehab

You've found the place for the best free help money can't buy. People here understand where you've been and can help you through it.

Just jump in, we're a pretty friendly bunch.

Ol Ma

Re: Cannot afford meth counseling or rehab

Hon check out NA, here is a link to help you find local meetings www.na.org

And there is a lot of help here on this board, I am sure you will find some friends in chat also.

CA has many free IOP programs available also. Check it out hon.

When a person is ready and willing to ask for help it never hurts to accept all the help that is offered.

Welcome to KCI forum, and welcome to sobriety Marsh.

We are all so very glad you came.

Re: Cannot afford meth counseling or rehab

N.A. is free to all, but I went to treatment awhile back now, almost 4 years but I still haven't paid off my treatment plan they set me up to where I pay 10 a month. If you truly want to get clean a sober, people are out here in this world to see to it that you get the proper treatment. Another "free" idea is to get down on your knees and ask your higher power to please free you from your addiction, talk to him often and soon you will see results! Your in my prayers....

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