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Free rehab facilities?

Free Rehab?
I've heard there are rehab facilities that are free of charge, but it sounds too good to be true. My brother has been a meth addict for 7 years, was arrested just last week, and my family and I are out of resources. He's looking at 4-20 years b/c he is on probation in another county, etc. I'm all for him serving his time, but he desperately needs to be in rehab. Can anyone verify what I've heard, and if so, where are these places?
Sfj Treatment for meth addiction
Yes, there are plenty of "free" rehabs all over the country.

Let me qualify that, they are often free to the client, but someone has to pay the bills, and that someone is the govt.

Here's the deal, It costs seven to twenty-three times more
to keep an addict incarcerated, than it does to treat them for chemical dependency. Therefore, it is very cost effective to provide "free" treatment.

(Rand Corporation Study on the Cost Effectiveness of Drug Treatment)



Jail costs seven to twenty-three times as much as treatment.

If you click on the link below, you will see many thousands of treatment facilities. Most of them are free. Very often people click those links and say, "I had no idea there were so many treatment programs."

Or words to that effect.

Your local detox center, or drug rehab doesn't advertise.

If you need more help or info, please ask.

Treatment Locator  
Re: Treatment for meth addiction
thank you very much for the information...my brother has made an appointment for an evaluation with a facility...it's a good first step, but we'll see what happens...

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