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Free rehab?

Free Rehab?
Hey all,
Long time no pop in, too busy enjoying life without meth. Yet here it is back in my life, my niece this time. I remember Passion or someone posting a free rehab in the Midwest & they even took care of bus fare.
ANY ideas for rehab for a 28 year old single mother of two (kids not with her, they are safe). Has Medi-Cal from CA.
ANY suggestions welcomed.

Sfj Re: Free Rehab?
California has very good treatment options. Especially for Medi-Cal patients. However, I'm quite sure that Medi-Cal will pay for treatment provided within the State of CA only.
Click this link.


If you need additional info, please ask.
Re: Free Rehab?
Miracles can and do happen  Free Drug Rehab

Christian Mission Center is in Enterprise, Alabama. It is a 4 month long program and it is free. They will send you a bus ticket to and from your home. There is a waiting list ... 1-334-393-5641, and ask to speak to Gene Warren or John, they will give you all of the information that you need. People from all across the United States come here for this program and It is one of the best in the nation...

They focus on recovery and faith comes second. They have group meetings daily, they meet one on one with their counselor daily, they have workbooks and study guides dealing with addiction and recover ... The faith part of it is only a small part ... They do want them to believe in a Higher Power and see that side of recovery as well. They are tested on personality disorders and they also test on other things as well.

Family is welcome to participate in one on one counseling sessions and group sessions too. This particular place has a very high success rate. They are located just miles from the meth capitol of the south (so they know how to treat meth addictions). They also do UA's every Monday and upon entering the program so you or your loved one must be clean in order to get in and must stay clean while there also.

When they are not in meetings or counseling they must work at the mission store and they receive 5 dollars per week for that... This program is totally free, meals, room and board, counseling, group sessions, you name it....Sometimes there is a waiting list but get put on it because some people don't show up on their scheduled day and they lose out of their space.... It is given to the first person on the waiting list... They take any drug addict and there is no age limit.

There you go. The phone number is in there. I hope that helps you out.

deeeCA Re: Free Rehab?
There is a treatment option in our county that they mentioned in Broken's treatment center today. it is totally free - for those without insurance. Here is more information on it


It also says they take med-cal!
Re: Free Rehab?
Thanks I knew you all would remember!!

djmom11 Re: Free Rehab?

Medi-Cal doesn't actually cover rehab, but counties are reimbursed for medi-cal clients to get into rehab. She needs to sign up with her county Behavioral Health/Mental Health Office. Also check out teenchallenge.org it is not just for teens, they offer residential programs for adults too. No cost. Good luck

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