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Why does meth cause hair loss?



Why does meth cause hair loss?
Does anyone know why meth causes hair loss? Will it grow back after quitting?

Re: Why does meth cause hair loss?
Marsh, it seems to me you are really hung up on this hair loss thing. I do not know if you are a male or a female. If female, the hair loses luster and falls out because of the toxins in meth. It can also be caused from vitamin deficientcy. When we do not eat right and drink our water, our skin and hair suffer the most. If you are a man, the same applys, but you may also just be going bald. It happens. Is your father or grandfather bald? It is heridetary. Get off the meth and I am sure your whole head will get better.
Re: Why does meth cause hair loss?
The only people I know who lost hair because of meth were the ones who pulled thier own hair out. I'm not so sure that meth itself cause hair to just fall out.

Re: Why does meth cause hair loss?
Is it falling out gradually or in clumps?

Re: Why does meth cause hair loss?
Mine falls out in clumps. I have bald spots now. I used to have the most beautiful hair...I would get complimented on it almost daily. And now I have almost NO hair. Thanks to meth.

I attribute it to the meth itself and the chemicals as well as the fact that I was already underweight when I started using and now I'm 35 lbs. even more underweight/undernourished.

I started taking vitamin E recently and that seems to have slowed the loss a little bit, or maybe it just seems slower because I have so much less hair now. I donno. But otherwise, until I stop using....I don't think my hair will stop falling out.

I never ever in a million years would have dreamt that I would be typing in a meth (or any other drug) forum. All my life I was afraid to even try any illegal drugs. My how things change....

And now here I am a 31 year old anorexic addict who just lost a $32,000/year job because of meth use and who is about to lose her home because of meth use and who has almost no friends (REAL friends) because of meth use and who is now losing all of her beautiful hair.....

Why am I even here?

Re: Why does meth cause hair loss?
HEY! You do too have friends. US!!! Don't forget it either. Lean on us. Many of us first appeared here in the same condition [or worse] that you did, those of us who continue to come back, also continue to stay clean. Make this your new home, as a team we get through this.... alone we don't stand a chance. Welcome to this wonderful community, without it I would have surely ceased to exsist. You will be hearing things that are a complete opposite to your addictive thinking, but try to be honest, openminded, and willing, these are the cornerstones of recovery. You are here for good reasons, keep coming back!

Re: Why does meth cause hair loss?
My hairs falling out, and it has been ever since i dunno maybe a couple months after starting to use really heavily. Ive been clean for 3 months and its still falling out.

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