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Hair loss side effect of meth?

marsh81 Hair loss baldness from meth?

After using meth for two years I have been experiencing hair loss similar to male pattern baldness. However, I have no family history of mpb on either side of my family. Does anyone know if meth can cause baldness? If so, does the hair grow back after meth use is stopped?

Hair loss baldness from meth?

yes and yes. It does start to thin, and yes, it will grow back once you get yourself some help! I've got some info from a nurse that she asked me to post about this problem and more, I'll try to get it on line today.

Your hair, nails, and skin tell much about what is inside of you. Now get your butt to NA and get some support!!! Good luck sweetie. You CAN do it...and you can get your hair back.

Hair loss baldness from meth?

When I was using, I used to have to practically sand blast my fingernails to get the ridges out of them. You know how Ruffles potato chips look? That's how my fingernails were (Of course, on a THUMBNAIL scale, not a potato chip scale.)

Now they are nice and smooth and no longer Ruffles - like. As far as baldness? I dunno. Hair and fingernails are both made outta the same stuff (Keratin) so I assume it could be possible.

Hair loss baldness from meth?

My daughter has been using for about 5 yrs,she used to have the most beautiful thick naturally curly hair, now instead of a "ponytail" it's the size of a minitiature poodle tail! Also it breaks off about 2 inches from her scalp alot.

Hair loss baldness from meth?

Yes! As our bodies cannibalize themselves, what few nutrients that are left onboard go toward vital functions rather than beautiful hair. As our teeth surrender their calcium we can lterally watch them shrink and decay. As stated, hair breaks off, falls out, whithers......no need to wonder why. Imagine the damage going on inside of us as these outward symptoms reflect the truth about our health.

Hair loss baldness from meth?

So the ex walks in last night and explains to me why he was over at the acquaintances house for so long. He was busy chatting with this girl. She apparently is losing her hair. I said of course you can lose your hair. Freaked him out. Probably not enough to make him stop. Oh well. But I am going to print this out for him.

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