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Relief of withdrawal symptoms from METH

endit how to relieve withdrawal symptoms from METH

My BF is an addict - has been for a few years now - we've been together almost 7 and I can't believe in all the years of living together (6.5) I haven't known he's on this horrible stuff. He was always so anti drug - or seemed to be. I think he is, when it comes to others but didn't actually take his OWN addiction seriously.

He sure does now since I found out. He's been crying non stop and now that he's been going through the withdrawal he's having panic attacks/anxiety/paranoia, and speech problems (that's been going on for over a year now - along with serious stomach issues, nausea, vomiting, the whole bit but we all thought he had digestive problems).

Anyhow - enough rambling I just have SO many feelings right now... I want to help him get through the withdrawal somehow - WHAT CAN I DO? Is there some type of tea or something that will help soothe and ease the pain?

Looking for HEALTHY ways to ease withdrawal pain/sickness/anxiety.

I'm trying to be so supportive to him but its' so hard because I don't know what to do and the worst thing is that I keep thinking he's on it but not sure if what I'm seeing (speech issues and his stomach issues) is because he's ON it, or because he's going through withdrawal. He keeps saying he hasn't done it since I found out last week and I believe him 99% because I have his paycheck, I threw out his stash that I found, and only place he's been is work (I've been driving him there and back) and home. I think it's withdrawal (HOPE) and not that he's not just gone and done a line or 10.

Anyhow please share any tips you have to help us relieve withdrawal. I plan to get him into treatment ASAP and he has FINALLY agreed today - only took a few days actually - I hope he sticks with it.

Thanks in advance.

Re: how to relieve withdrawal symptoms from METH
Hi. Sorry to say. There is no real easy way to avoid the withdrawals. The saying goes what goes up must come down. When my body would crave the drug. I went in the Jacuzzi for long periods of time. After I started getting my energy back. I would workout swim, racquetball, walk. This would take care of my Body for awhile. But there is more to prepare for. I would have Night mares and kidney stone "very painful" I would wake up and my heart beat was racing away. After that passes. Then its the Mind I have to work on for the rest of my life. That's were the meetings kick in CMA,NA or this KCI board. I would ask and see if there was away to take away the pain. There are no short cuts in recovery and its not for sale. You can't buy Your clean time. You got to tuff it out. Its there if you really want it. But if it was easy then allot more people would be clean. I don't want to candy coat but anyone who wants to quit will be in for a painful ride. But in the long run its worth it.

I hope this was useful

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