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No One ever tries Meth once


No one ever tries Meth once

NO ONE tries meth once, that's very true.
I used to post here all the time, those who rememeber Hi to you and it's great to see your still around supporting the ones who need it and thanx for being there for me. I've been busy with my life staying clean for over a year now. Yay for me!
I used meth for a good portion of my life and i regret every second i wasted on it.
This post is for all the kids out there who think there cool for doing this. I know i was one. You think life is hard now just wait, i face everyday challenges now like breathing, i catch every virsus cold that comes around. I killed my immune system. Even though i work hard on getting healthy it takes time and it's not easy. I went to the doctors the other and found out that alot of my problems are now because i have a bad heart. 20 years old and i have a bad heart! Not only that but i got a nice yellow tint to my skin, that's sexy eh? is this what you really want? Not only that but while i was doing one thing i didn't take into consideration what your doing to your body is permanent. Do you understand?.. the damage done while smoking meth CAN NOT be fixed! Sure i had lots of fun destroying my lungs, i once had lots of friends we were all cool together. Now they choose staying on the streets doing that @#%$. You really learn who your friends are when you quit, i took the better life i wanna live and get old. Come on people we are the next generation! lets think before you pick up that pipe, you know you are better then that. It may help you loose that weight you wanted to loose, and make you feel good for awhile, but in the long run is your life worth it?
Just ask your self that?... i'd take it all back if i could. I'd like to live past 40 .. don't you?
well i'm done now sorry about ranting on .. oh wait no i'm not i wish someone was there for me growing up maybe then i would've been alot smarter, my life would be longer then. It's not impossible to quit, just feels like that when your doing it.
Wish you all the best.


Re: No one ever tries Meth once

I have used since I moved to SF and it's been about 10 years on and off.

MAYBE in the first few years when we'd go clubbin' it would be fun.

Now, it's nothing but pain, feeling like @#%$ and regret.

I am so thankful I didn't get AIDS or some other @#%$.

If I had the chance to go back in time, I'd never touch the garbage!


Re: No one ever tries Meth once

Good post. I hope those things you say will convince someone else of the fruitlessness of a life wasted using drugs.


Re: No one ever tries Meth once

Good for you!!!! My husband uses (just found out). Hope you don't mind if I email him your story. Maybe some of the things I send him off this site will make a differnce.


Re: No one ever tries Meth once

TRIPLE yay for you!

One Year is HUGE!

I can't wait 'till I can say that....

Congrats BigTime!


Re: No one ever tries Meth once

Hi sway - thanks for your post. As far as getting every cold that comes through town - man can I ever relate to that. I've been sick more times this year than ever before! Wishing you well - maybe you can share with people how you got clean - that is always useful information around here!


Re: No one ever tries Meth once

I used once in the early 80's.

Didn't like it, wasn't sure of what it really was, never touched the stuff again.

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