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Advice for new meth addicts quitting

strunzleon advice for new meth addicts
hi I'm new here and reading some posts found people that have succeed quitting meth I just quit it don't really count the day I think I'll all make it harder I just don't put attention to it but it's about 20 day or so, I don't have a problem staying away from it but the problem is that I just don't feel energy at all no desire or anything, I thought it was going to be at most a week but until now still no desire to do anything but sleep and eat and and now i really feel i'm f.....d any advice? and if you guys can share a little of your experience how did it you manage to overcome and all that thank you all for your support.
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karma123 Re: advice for new meth addicts
how i did it......? well, it took a while to finally get it right! But i really needed it! i came to this site daily, for support, i also started attending NA meetings, eventually daily. the tired thing passes, when i started attending meetings, i started to feel more positive inside myself, and yeah, everything simply followed from that.

eat well, exercise and just try and stay focused on what you want. when you start to feel you are slipping (back to using), tell someone, talk about it, don't just use. it really can be simple - it can appear hard at times, but i also believe, it's as hard as we let it be?

also remember that if you are clean for a month, that doesn't mean you can successfully go back out and use meth again. i used to think that, if i just stay clean for a week, that is really good and then i can treat myself to a big weekend on it again. the things we tell ourselves sometimes can be quite funny when you really learn what addiction is about!
Re: advice for new meth addicts
I too am at the beginning of my recovery. Today is day 17. So I agree with karma123.



eat well, excercise and just try and stay focused on what you want. when you start to feel you are slipping (back to using), tell someone, talk about it, dont just use.

I know that for me that statement has worked very well. I also take a daily vitamin. You have to remember that you starved your body of so much while using. It does take a while, but the enery will come back. Like everyone told me, just take it one day at a time. It really does get better. Hang in there.

Penel0pe Re: advice for new meth addicts
My suggestion to you is this:


No matter how bad you feel, no matter how much you want to use - DON'T PICK UP THE BAG.

Everything you are feeling is pretty normal for meth recovery, we all heal at different rates - but we DO heal as long as we stay clean....

I used for more than 25 years so I can't say that I'll ever be the person I used to be (I was a 14 year old child at that time!) I know I lost some brain power.. but I have my LIFE back!

If you use again, you get to go through this all over again - why bother? Just get through this, do what others on the board have suggested, and eventually you'll feel normal again.
Re: advice for new meth addicts
My only suggestion to you is STOP!
I'm recovering too and i'm 71 days clean.
Keep posting your daily progress and you'll find tons of support and encouragement that will keep you determine to stay clean.
One day at a time is what most of us do. If we can stay clean for today we can do it tomorrow. In no time you'll realize you can do it and better than you thought.
Sleep, eat, feel like fuk... that's normal. In no time you'll feel better and you'll find its all worth it.
Congrats on your clean days and keep it up!
TerryCa Re: advice for new meth addicts
Welcome we hope that you keep coming back.

The people here help us all understand the steps to stopping meth use. Support families of users. Through good and bad times we are here for one another.

Mothr of an addict

Re: advice for new meth addicts
I don't count the days either...
...I feel like I'm hanging on every second if i do.

just put it down, and come here for support.
Re: advice for new meth addicts
Finding other people who are recovering from meth use is a great start. This board is really wonderful, and people will do all they can to help and support you. There is a lot of very good information and a lot of wonderful people who will be on your side and root for you, listen to you, and be here for you, with you.
Re: advice for new meth addicts
Start exploring your recovery options, there are a lot to choose from. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice...one that will land you back on the treadmill.
Eat, drink and sleep are worlds apart from recovery. Your barely through the de-tox and acute withdrawl phase, now you've got another year or two of post acute withdrawl to work through. Learn all you can about PAWS and the measures you can take to ease the misery.
Devote yourself to a recovery program that suits you, and invest the same time, energy and resources toward recovery that you did toward using. Meth addiction is a daily endeavour, so too must be our recovery.
You're at ground zero, take heed to the wonderful advice you're getting, these people know how to recover, that's why they're here.... so you can know too.
What you'll be hearing may seem like a buncha happy horseshyt and it will be in stark contrast to your addictive thinking. Just what you need.
Just what we all need!
Be here.

FWIW...I have'nt used or seen meth [nor wanted to] since coming here [10/04]. I listened to these awesome people and took their advice. Life is better than I ever imagined.

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