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How do I know if my boyfriend is using Meth?

How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
Ok, I am probably going to seem naive, but I know nothing about drugs. I am desperate for some answers.

My story...
My boyfriend and I have been living together for 2 years. He has been on prescription pain meds for his back since I have known him. Recently I have become suspicious that he is taking something other than his prescribed pills. He is very irritable, never sleeps, and seems paranoid all the time. Anyway, a few weeks ago his mother comes to me and says that she thinks he is on meth. She starts telling me symptoms of meth and I hate to believe it, but I am starting to think it's true. I have been on denial a long time.

A few things that have happened...
- I have started finding short straws around the house...he says he crushes his pain meds and uses the straw to scrape the powder off what he uses too crush it so it will work faster
- I have found a pipe that looks like the shape of a large pen but aluminim...he says he uses it to smoke pot to be able to sleep (could he smoke meth in that?)
- I have found ends to small baggies with knots in them...this too he says is pot
- I have found white, clearish rocks in drawers and other random places...he says this is his pain med that he cooks to get the trash out of ( I know, I'm stupid right)...but, is this meth?
- He misplaces everything, then tears up the house trying to find it...he hides his meds in weird places and then can't remember where he put them.
- He is very paranoid, looking out the window all of the time.
- His friends onlt come over, late at night and stay until the early morning...I have to stay in the bedroom and call if I need something.
- He has taken checks from my checkbook (all written to cash)...claims this is for prescriptions (did I mention he has no job, or car)
- He has money from a law settlement...now he is victim of identity theft and has no money left.
- Everynight he gets donuts and chocolate milk...isn't there something about craving sweets?
- He never talks on his phone in front of me...always goes into the other room.
- Strange people come over I haven't seen before.
- He talks a mile an hour and you can't get a word in.
- He stays up a few days straight, then sleeps a whole day and says his pain meds aren't helping.
- It takes his 3 hours to leave the house when he is supposed to go somewhere, can't find things, etc.

I have flat out asked him if he is doing meth and he gets mad and says I am crazy for thinking that and I know him better than that. He also gets mad at me asking questions, but he is so secretive about everything how can I trust him. I just need to know if this is what he is involved in. He is not the same responsible, loving and motivated person I know. I am moving at the end of the month...I can't do it anymore. I don't feel safe with starngers coming into my house at all hours while I sleep, and I can't live with someone I can't trust. I am worried about him, but I don't know how to help him. He has excuses for everything. Does this sound like meth?
lax2 Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
Yes It indeed sounds like he's on meth...........HE IS ON METH... many of those signs fit my use to a tee.......
Sfj Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
ALL those things you mentioned are common to meth use, especially, the denial, and transfer of blame.
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
I have a boyfriend who uses and he has similar behaviors. I came to this site too, asking questions. Right now I'm pretty fed up. He can be a complete @#%$. One thing is for sure, meth comes first above anything else.

oh and another thing...the sweets thing is a big give away. My bf will use then when he's crashing he will crave sweets like no tomorrow. And he sleeps all frickin day and day, grouchy as hell and doesn't give a @#%$ about anything. It goes in cycles. I'm glad I have not have him moved into my house, it would be a nightmare. I've tried to "help", by finding meetings and taking him there, he even signed up and went on his own for like a week, I've tried not to do this and not do that and I tell you, what everyone says here is true...you can't help them. You can point them in the right direction, but ultimately its up to them. And the only way I think they will want to get help is when they end up in jail or they lose everything and there is no one to bail them out. It sucks, but I believe its true. My bf has the chance to be with someone who is clean and has family as a priority, has other things to do than use, but still he chooses to use. He thinks he can do both. I left out of his car today because he was driving like a maniac and I told him to let me the hell out. When he did he drove off without a look back. Couldn't wait to go get his drugs I bet. Its a frickin roller coaster.

Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
No doubt in my mind that he is using meth. You are wise in moving out and protecting yourself. (((hugs)))
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
I have no doubts either, that he is using meth. Save your sanity and move as planned. I, too lived with my fiance who is addicted to meth.

They will lie and deny that they ever used meth. They make you seem like you are the crazy one...YOU CANNOT HELP HIM- HE NEEDS TO WANT TO GET HELP ON HIS OWN! Believe me, I have tried to help my fiance, in everyway possible. All I got in return was, used, to support his addiction, and lie, lies, lies!

You are very smart to get away from the situation. Stay strong girlfriend. Don't go back, and don't believe anything a meth addict says...
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
Yeah, he is using.
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
yes i think he is doing meth also. boy what really gets me is the insanity thing. my husband tries to make me think it's all me, all in my head, that he's not doing nothing wrong. boy living with an addict is HELL!! i try not to think about him and his drug use and what he does all day long. but i tell ya it's hard, real hard.

i'm going to check out some meetings for me before i lose it. cause i feel it coming on. not good. i feel for you i really do. i feel for all of us here. it sucks living with an addict, it also sucks being one.
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
That is exactly the way I feel...like I am the crazy one (at least thats what he says). It's crazy how he is able to turn the tables on me and tell me I am sooo negative and paranoid and "why don't you trust me" blah blah blah. I have been feeling like I should see a counselor because I feel like i am loosing control. I will tell you that this helps alot. I was apprehensive at first about posting but I am glad to hear the support and insight into this world. I really felt alone and embarrassed to talk to my friends about it. I think now that I see it's more common than I thought that I will have the courage to do that.
Thanks again-to everyone who replied.
Now I don't feel so bad about leaving...you may have just saved my life!

TnSkye Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
Honestly, even if you do leave, therapy wouldn't be a bad idea. In these last 2 years, you have likely developed some preconceived notions that you may take into other relationships down the road.

I was with my husband for 12 years, left about 2 years ago. I've been in my own recovery for about 2 years. I still am not real sure about being in a relationship with another man just yet.
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
Funny you should say that. My friend, who called off her wedding was telling me the same thing. She said she hopes this doesn't scar me and make me never want to be in a relationship again...like her situation did her. I am moving in with her so I think she will be good support for me. I guess time will tell...and I will consider therapy...also kinda ironic both of us have psych degrees (although we don't work in the field). Crazy how drugs can make you fool anyone.
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
My addict would beat me and then tell me I needed to seek professional help.

I'm glad you're strong enough to leave. I wasn't.
4 help
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
I used to be in a similar situation. My X was on prescription meds also, and later I found out he was also using meth as well. He became crazy! He had such a way of making me think his "prescription drugs" were causing all sorts of crazy things to happen. He would even find information on drug side affects, or drug interactions, to try to explain away his psychotic episodes. Looking back - it wasn't the prescription medicine at all. It was METH!
My X also did things to make it look like I was the crazy one. Sometimes I thought I was losing my mind.
Good luck leaving your BF. Like some of the others have said, be strong! My children and I dealt with some crazy stuff from him, even after we left. So many times he called accusing our children of breaking into his house or stealing his medicine, or hacking into his computer, and the list goes on. It really got CRAZY for a while. I can totally relate with what you're dealing with.
Some days are still very difficult for all of us, but it is so much better than it was living that HELL everyday. You are so smart to make plans to get yourself out of that situation. Best of luck to you!!!
Re: How do I know if my boyfriend is using meth?
Please listen to us who have been where you are.

He will not stop until the pain of using is worse than stopping,

if he does'nt stop..
it'll stop him.

I know, I stayed and sometimes, I really regret it, all those wasted years.

Wasted trying to figure out someone elses problem.

If I had left 10 years ago, I would'nt be here,
trying to help someone that has the same B.S!!
He will not stop for you, that was the hardest part for me to understand.

It's not you, it's the power of Meth.

Run from him......it's not too late for you!!!

I wish you peace.

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