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Is there sex after meth?

vlussi Is there sex after meth?
I have been clean now for 8 months, My boyfriend and I stopped together, We have never been happier. My problem is I have put on about 20lbs. And I cant help but admit I miss the good sex we had when we were using meth. Lately I have been feeling like he is not attracted to me sexually. He tells me that its just me, but our sex life is not what it used to be. Is any one else going through the same thing?
Re: Is there sex after meth?
It's like owning a Ferarri for a while. It's F'ing AMAZING, but hard to control. After getting in enough wrecks you can't afford the insurance any more and have to let it go and opt for something wiser, more economical, and sustainable, like a nice Mazda or Chevy 4 door.

It's still a nice car, it gets you where you want to go and it fits your lifestyle.

But it will never be a Ferrari.

Re: Is there sex after meth?
That was really a cool way to put it. I really enjoyed your analogy
I am a guy that loves cars and you made a lot of sense to me. Very clever

I had a few fast cars in my youth. One was a 57 Chevy, 327, 4 speed that I got a trophy for racing at the racetrack and another was a 68 Dodge Super Bee. I dream about those days once in a while but then I remember all the frustration I had when I blew my 4-speed trany and was broke all the time. Now I have a 4-door minivan and I never have major auto problems and more money in my pocket.

I guess it is a trade off in sex and cars, huh? Overall the minivan is better in my case, not as exciting but a hell of a lot less frustration. Hey I just thought of something else, I can have sex in the minivan by putting down the seats. Can?t do that in a racecar with roll bars in it.

Loraura, you really got to the point with your post.!
Re: Is there sex after meth?
I'm a Chevy Blazer 4WD...

I've never had sex in my SUV...
I'll have to do that.


Re: Is there sex after meth?
I know EXACTLY what you are going thru...
.....I went a year and a half of desensitized disintrest..
for one thing orgasms are less than a second long.

meth orgasms go on for actual numbers of minutes...
....and so intense you think you might have burned out a bearing.

I was like...
......WTF? ......this is'nt even worth it!

that DOES pass...
....you gotta give it time...like child birth...you'll forget.....and re aqaint yourself with yourself.

what helps ME the most?

.......is simply EXCERCIZE,your body.
because you become body aware,and you are sending blood pumping thru you...
....you get an endorphin rush....a body sensation that hardens your nipples....and tingles everywhere.

excersize your vaginal muscles..

.....I started with ben wah balls,silver weights you hold on to internally, and not drop...
or....if you can flex already...do kregal excesizes, because flexing vaginal muscles can help you build deep, satisfying, complete, longer, orgasmns as well as gain the intrest of your partner.

...and help prevent incontinence. 

....I like to be slapped with a belt! 

I'm not kidding.
...........not slap the sh!t out of you....just enough to
awaken your senses...
....and rub it lightly...

...it awakens your nerve endings....
you'd be surprized....*looks serious* I was, I could say alot more on my board..
....but i better stop here. 
Re: Is there sex after meth?
But it will never be a Ferrari.
Yeah, ditto what Loraura said.

But I must say this - I NEVER made LOVE to my husband while on meth. NEVER. It was very raw and powerful, yes. Like nothing that can be experienced otherwise. But TODAY, my hubby and I can be INTIMATE, and honestly, it means more.

I miss that kind of sex. The Ferrari. But I'd miss my hubby a lot more if I lost him and the life we have together, so I'll take the 4-door sedan today.


Re: Is there sex after meth?
the tantra is a good thing too.
Re: Is there sex after meth?
I'm a Chevy Blazer 4WD...
I've never had sex in my SUV...
I'll have to do that.
You have a 4x4 and can go places out under the moon where no one will be around.
You can take out the back seat in your Blazer and put some sleeping bags down.
Put your favorite music on low and spray Pina colada scent in the Blazer or have your man bring flowers.
Have your favorite snack handy.
I will stop here and let your imagination finish the rest.

I used to have a Chevy Blazer 4wd. We went to a Mexican beach and parked on the sand just far enough so that the tide would not get us but we could still here the ocean. I had to buy new shocks when we got back to the states.

Man, I hope my adult daughter does not read this!


Re: Is there sex after meth?
Have your favorite snack handy.
that would be my date...
.....but you know,  it's always a good idea to have a snack handy. 

having Hot coffee, and Ice water nearby and alternated in saturation of the mouth of the oral pleasure Giving partner
...is nirvana.

speaking of music..
....I like head tapes...to go to a beat...
I try to tell it on the mountain...ladies.

If you begin at "I want you" from the beatles "abbey road" and suck to the beat...it enchants them all.
....and it's fun to me. 

I'm a pervert.
...because of lexipro
Re: Is there sex after meth?
you sure have mentioning the beatles alot lately..
beatlemania sydrome???

you know stan,
I've been putting my camping equipment together since I started buying that blazer.

I'm getting a laptop too. Already got the wireless thing going in my house. Cell phone and I'm set. I can still work and have fun.

I'm leaving for about a month jul/aug..

don't have anyone to put the back seat down with yet, but you never know!!
Re: Is there sex after meth?
...there's an in depth discussion on it in my sex forum...
prolly page 1 or 2...it was a while back when we held those classes...

....I sent you an EZ inbox message!
Re: Is there sex after meth?
My problem is I have put on about 20lbs
Lately I have been feeling like he is not attracted to me sexually.
Is any one else going through the same thing?
No I am not going through that now- I did when my husband was using and I was not.
I had gained more than 20 pounds. He was not able to do anything when he was using.
I did not know that -
so to me , it was he just did not want me anymore because I was fat.
That stayed with me for a long time.

Your problem- you have put on 20 pounds. So yes, it is uncomfortable at first.
It is hard to adjust your mindset that 20 pounds can be and often is an improvement.

and it is difficult to accept that what makes you sexy is not your body -
but your mind.
If you do not feel sexy, if you are not happy with your own body, then your husband is at a disadvantage.
Because it will be hard for him to get you past that thought.
No matter what he does.

Fake it until you make it- Psyche yourself up-
You are a LOVE GODDESS!!!!
Buy clothes that make you feel good about you-get to where you like what you see when you look in that mirror.
It's mental - where your mind goes, the body will follow.

You know once my husband got off meth and once I got over meth- I do feel good about me.
and yes you can have ferrari sex without the meth.
And it's better than it was ever with meth.Because unlike when I was on meth, I can actually get to the climax of the movie LOL!

of course I like that Chevy blazer sex too.
Remember Lady, You ARE a LOVE GODDESS!!!!!
It isn't what is on the outside that makes a person sexy -
it is what is in the mind.
Re: Is there sex after meth?
hum What is sex???

with all the pain pills and zans my husband takes, well hum I do believe the brakes on the fast car locked up. Dang I miss it. So I look forward to the after the drug sex.
So pleaseeeeeeeeee tell me again there is sex after it all. little bit would help.
Re: Is there sex after meth?
There is GREAT SEX after dope, after meth - after it all.
Even after gaining 20 plus pounds.

It is all in the mind- let your mind go and the rest will follow
Love Goddess and be sure to really pronounce that Luv God- DESS.
Works better
Re: Is there sex after meth?
I was in almost an identical situation as you. My boyfriend and I used together for almost 6 years and after we quit three years ago, we did not have sex for almost a year!! My boyfriend had actually gained a lot of weight and sex was a painful reminder of the crystal days so we avoided it.

I am very pleased to report, however, that when we finally DID start having sex again, it was actually better than with crystal. No, it wasn't hours long marathon sex but it was so satisfying to be able to achieve orgasm without a ton of porn and sex toys (which is what had become of sex at the end of our addiction).

Also, I wouldn't worry that he doesn't feel attracted to you. It's probably more that he needs to get reacquainted with what sex means to him now that crystal is no longer in the picture. He may not be feeling that sexual on his own. It's a big adjustment. I know that I needed to feel sexual on my own before I could feel sexual with my boyfriend again.

Yes, it does take time and my advice is definitely not to force it. It will come back in a while and it really can be better than before.
Re: Is there sex after meth?
I've heard there's love after meth...but I've yet to experience it.
vlussi Re: Is there sex after meth?
Thanks for all your responses, it really helps to know I'm not alone. I think the most important thing to remember is there is a big difference between f---ing and making love, In order to love someone you have to love yourself. I can honestly say I can look at myself in the mirror and I like the person looking back at me. When ever I get the feeling that I can do meth just one more time, to loose a few pounds, or to have sex like we used to..I just remind myself of all the thing I would loose that I worked so hard to get back in my life. most of all myself.
lax2 Re: Is there sex after meth?
I totally agree with you on that Vulussi,

I don't think I'll ever get as excited at the prospect of having se3x as I did when on meth... But I never enjoyed hugging or snuggling with someone the way I do ALL NIGHT now. The intimacy I feel now, far outweighs the emptiness and shallowness I felt chasing a hot time...

Not sure if that makes sense, Does IT?
vlussi Re: Is there sex after meth?
That makes perfect since to me. Last night I talked to my boyfriend about how I was feeling, He told me he has never felt closer to me than right now. When I got home He had a bubble bath, candles and a dozen roses. And wouldn't you know it ..I think all the neighbors herd us. YES..YES..YES...

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