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Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein

Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
If you are slamming meth and you miss and it causes a lump under the skin but it is not red or does not hurt, will it heal itself? How long will that take and what can you do to help it?

Re: Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
Uhhhhhhh ......stop slamming
lily Re: Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
I'm not a doc, but this is what I've read on abscess care.

The treatment depends on how bad the abscess is.

If it's not red or sore, soak it in warm water at home. This will help draw out the infection. Dont soak anymore if the abscess opens up.

If it does open up, protect it with a clean dressing.

If it gets bigger, red or more painful, or u develop a fever, see a doc immediately.

Personally, I would still see a doc, no matter how bad the abcess was...... and yea..... stop slamming.  
Sfj Re: Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
First of all, a disclaimer.

I totally embrace the notion of abstaining from all mind-altering drugs including meth. I also advocate avoiding injecting chemicals in your body.

I wish some medical people or even a total abstinence site would post such comprehensive info.
lax2 Re: Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
I hope youll come back and get to know us better...

Hope youll let us know how things are goin...
Re: Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
Hold hot compresses on the lump, that will help prevent it from becoming an abcess. Soaking your arm (or whatever) in epsom salt is also very helpful.

As you probably know, missing shots isn't the only problem that slamming dope creates in your life. As it was said above, I hope you keep coming to this site and see by the remarkable stories here that ***it is possible to quit using meth*** and live sanely again.

Most of us couldn't quit on our own, but that why this site is here
Stick around!
Re: Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
ian Re: Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein
At least you didn't hit an artery eh?

I don't know too much about you but I'm sure you know by now that it's just going downhill.. Maybe you should revaluate the situation your in?

Here's the thing about abseces or injecting in general really, there isn't a safe way to shoot street drugs (well, there isn't really a safe way to use any street drugs) so if you get in a situation where you don't know what to do to take care of the health problems associated, go see a doctor. Go to a free clinic if you have to, they won't call the police or arrest you, they will just give you dirty looks or maybe they will try to offer more long term help.

Watch out.. I know what it's like, I used to lay in bed with cotton fever a lot not knowing if i'll make it through the next few hours and I still didn't go see a doctor. Don't lose your arm/leg/whatever over this..

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