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Sex with a Meth addict

tasiafire Sex with a Meth user / addict
Okay, so I was separated from my husband for 5 months. Long story, You really don't want to hear about it... lol... so anyway, I started seeing this guy... OMG he was so perfect. Good looking, charming, such a smooth talker and holy hell, DAMN good in the sack. He was higher than a kite off meth. We had sex. Unprotected sex. Stupid I know. I had a few  drinks that night, and yes, dumb excuse, but my inhibitions were a little off... I was drunk and horny and really didn't care. Fortunately I didn't get any type of STD or get sick or pregnant or anything. The sex, was absolutely AMAZING.. probably the best I ever had. Now here is my question: after the first 'round' I found myself in this euphoric state I have never felt before. I felt SOOOOO good! Not a worry not a care in the world. And every time he touched or kissed me I swear I got off. Now is it possible that him being so high, and cumming inside me... did I get high somehow too? Can meth travel through semen? Just wondering if the sex was that good or did I get a taste of what meth does?
Loraura Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
No, you didn't get high off any of his bodily fluids.

You did, however, experience an intense rush of dopamine from great sex.

Your brain associated the kissing and touching with the sex, so even when you would just kiss him, the dopamine rush would occur as well.
Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
Ah, that would be a yes, body fluids can have drug traces, I would be more concerned with HIV and HEPC, though.
LoveMet Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
Thank you PAWS! When I was pregnant and my fiancé' was using and he always swore he was not and I thought it might hurt the baby. His dumbA@@ friend told him not to worry! Well at least I defiantly have another good reason meth is so bad

(my fiancé' is clean five months)
Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
I agree with Loraura...and by the way you can have that kind of sex with no drugs involved at all...

I have been with someone and when I said I love you...with no penetration at all...she would have an orgasm...sorry I know to much info...lol

But its true...I call it feeling people....when you put your all into SEX, its something meaningful and you can actually feel the other person spiritually...it can be beautiful, wild, intense, erotic and mind blowing without drugs.

Meth always had the adverse effect on me...I didn't care about SEX...I was too worried about the next hit!!..speedfreak 4-sure..huh
Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
ok, I am trying to figure out how to be honest and tactful at the same time. I do know that semen does have a very strong taste of crystal meth if someone has been using. I also got the effect like I had just smoked a fat bowl. But I had been getting sleepy before. At the time my thought was " right  now I don't have to smoke a bowl so I can clean the house and I will still have @#%$ to smoke later" I went and cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. Now when that story is told the comment made is " she stole my dope. I hope I did not offend anyone. Because now we are both clean and can laugh about that story. It is better to laugh about it then cry about it.
Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
it was urban legend you could get high on it.
....I don't know for sure because I was always high, when I was with someone high.

I swallowed in case.
....my ex said he'd hook a hose up, if it would work! LOL!

god love him!
....what a fiend!
Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
I'm with Loraura on this one. I seriously doubt if the miniscule traces in bodily fluids would be sufficient for the reactions you're describing.

Have you considered he may have been dosing your drinks with meth?

Did you have any of the other symptoms of meth use apart from the sexual high?
Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
oooooooo k8 has spicy brains!
....that's a good point!

Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
no, just felt totally awesome... it was in fact, the BEST sex ever.... I don't think he could have dosed my drinks, cuz I was doing shots, and I was making them in the kitchen and he sat on the couch in the living room, I imagine he could a done something to the bottles of liquor themselves when I went to the bathroom or something... but I don't know
LoveMet Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
When my fiancé' had sex with me on meth it was really good but it was like he was not there. It was like he was just getting a means to an end. The sex became almost hurtful because I know there was absolutely NO feeling from him. But a lot of the time he would be horny but had "crystal dick" and could not perform and got very angry.
Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
Yeah Maybe he did do something to alcohol. Unless you were there every second there is No way to know.

I am not proud - But I did that to someone's drink one time .... and the next morning they said --- Man it felt like I was tweaking last night ------------

tasiafire Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
well I wouldn't think otherwise, but this guy did a number on me... I couldn't stop thinking about him, couldn't wait to see him again, and all I wanted to do was have sex... so yeah, he probably did drop something in my drink... I don't talk to him anymore though.. which is probably a good thing. I asked him if he ever had any intention of giving up the drug, and he said no... so I let it go...
Loraura Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict


I asked him if he ever had any intention of giving up the drug, and he said no... so I let it go...

Very wise!!

1laveme Re: Sex with a Meth user / addict
Broken you are just  way to f**ken cool and all you had to say was "I LOVE YOU" now I know why Dee is the way she is lol lucky lucky DEE

maybe you can give some tips
or is it a family secret .love ya

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