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The Seven Deadly Tweaker Personality Types

Sfj The Seven Deadly Tweaker Personality Types
Seven Deadly Tweakers

1. Dumpster divers
2. Project maniacs
3. Sex fiends
4. Cleaning lady
5. Exploders
6. Arts and crafts
7. I forgot (I’m not too bright and so is my memory)

(The xploders? You remember them. The guy who came to visit you. He had a back pack when he walked in. Then explodes to take over your apt with his stuff all over the place)
Re: The Seven Deadly Tweaker Personality Types
My tweaker falls into 5 1/2 of those categories.
Re: The Seven Deadly Tweaker Personality Types
The exploder overlapped with the project maniac....I was friends with that guy. He's spread shyt freakin' everywhere. Sometimes, it actually led somewhere, but usually just a mess. Got spread around, got cleaned up again (maybe) at some point.

I was the tweaker that just sat in a corner and stared into space. Or I talked, chain-smoked and drank coffee. I was hanging out with people who did crafts for the longest time. I could never get into a project, I'd get distracted by the stuff used in the art. "oh look, beads, SHINY" and just stare at whatever was shiny...

I did lots of other stuff, too. But this is what I thought of reading this thread.

Peace and Love,
Re: The Seven Deadly Tweaker Personality Types
I was a

#3, Sex fiend
#5, Exploder
#6, Arts & Crafts
#7, I forgot (OMG this used to PIZZ my hubby off!!!!


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