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What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?

Donna43 What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
What is tweaking? I mean my newly split from bf has been doing meth behind my back for 2 years and now that I feel strong enough to make the split from him I get to wondering why or how he was able to hide it from me? Am I that stupid? or was his habit not that extreme? I mean when I approached him that I had finally found him out to be using again he admitted it (I can be pretty persawsive at times, when I am really mad) He told me that he would snort it in the mornings but not every morning. Does that last all day? Is that why I didnt see the signs? The biggest thing with him was his temper. When we first got together he was always in a good mood and made me laugh alot, I loved it, then the past 2 years (really before that I have know for a 1 and half 2 years) he became mean and nasty and violent the only repetious behavior he had was tapping his foot (really annoyed me!) But the typical signs like losing weight and black teeth he didnt have. So someone please tell me how he hide it so well. Am I stupid or is it because I have never been a drug user?
Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
your not stupid...

drug addicts are master at manipulation and deciet....

one of the greatest reasons i started using meth is because it was so easy to hide.....

hes addiction isnt your fault and you are not stupid, please dont ever think that.....
guestwho Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
Am I stupid or is it because I have never been a drug user?
Don't blame yourself for not knowing. Addicts develop the ability to become top notch con artist and liars. Please don't waste your time blaming yourself. I salute you for making the decision to split from him and hopefully you will not change your mind.
became mean and nasty and violent
Run................keeping runnnnnnnnning......................oh you aren't there yet............................I know you are tired but you aren't far enough away yet.......................do you smell him? He smells like @#%$ doesn't he?................keep on truckin and don't look in your rear view mirror.
Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
So someone please tell me how he hide it so well. Am I stupid or
A lot of users are able to hide it well - there are many tricks.

And no, you're definitely not stupid.

Now that you know, I'll bet you'll have realizations, things will click that didn't before and things will add up and make sense where they didn't before. There are many subtle signs that we don't see until we know what's going on and then that light bulb clicks on and everything starts making sense. That's how it was for me, anyway.

Don't waste your time and energy trying to figure out meth addiction, it will leave you tired and stressed out. Take care of yourself, be strong in moving on and know that you're making the right choice.
paceset Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
oh my oh my. First things first. You are not stupid!!!-you are probably very intelligent that's why your bf was with you and had such a great time trying to hide his usage from you. I have found that looking back and asking myself why I didn't see the signs is a very difficult painful process because I am finding that I did see the signs (the worst ones of the emotional/mental abuse kinds) and I did protest, beg, plead, tried to change myself, gave more than I had-gave it all, threw tantrums, fought until I had no more fight, even broke my own foot by kicking a car seat in a helpless fury--I just thought I could do something about it. I thought it was about me. I simply believed that nothing I knew of could be more powerful than love-I didn't know meth. Really know what it is like to be addicted to meth. I know what it's like to be addicted to lots of things but not meth.

It's a powerful evil this stuff. Keep on asking the caring people here. Know that you are not alone and take comfort in that.

I love a good looking, fairly healthy looking, good-toothed, clear skinned, charming, funny very very sick, lonely and empty meth addict. Sometimes the signs mimic just a plain ole jerk and can only be seen by the ones who love them most.
Love yourself a lot today
from hell
Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
Nope I don't think you're stupid at all, especially if you're getting out of the situation.

In answer to your question "What is Tweaking?"

I ( a recovering addict) refer to tweaking as the time when the meth addict becomes "sketchy" or usually the paranoid, or obsessive behavior.
Donna43 Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
Is this the time when he would be sooo mean and nasty to me or was that when he was coming down and having withdrawl?
Sfj Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
Tweaker or Tweaking

It can mean different things to different people. It is one of those street terms, colloquialisms, that has a number of generic definitions.

Some common ones include but are not limited to:

Repeated rapid movements usually accomplishing very little.

A meth user.

A meth user feeling the effects of meth.

Tweaking is a feeling like an obsession to do things requiring fine motor movements.
Some tweakers take things apart, like VCR’s, Computers, and Motorcycles etc.

Some tweakers get into doing projects like cleaning the bathroom and end up deciding to tear all the tile out and re-tile the entire room, but never finish the project.

Masturbation is a very common tweaker activity - repeating a movement over and over again.

Tweaking can also be jaw clenching and teeth grinding, Meth users often have bad dental health.

Things that require very little mental analysis or intelligence, but a lot of meaningless movement. Washing dishes, Computer games, making projects that never work and never get completed. Taping duct tape, aluminum foil on windows. Crawling in the carpets and rugs looking for dropped dope. Some tweakers pick at their skin. Some women spend hours combing and brushing their hair.

Some tweaker jokes;
How can you tell a tweaker in the supermarket? A. He has the shopping cart turned upside down and he’s trying to fix the wheels.

What does the tweaker girl say when she is at her normies friend’s house and it’s getting late? A. “You just go ahead, go to bed and get some sleep and I’ll finish cleaning your house.”

Writing answers like this.

To Donna,

When he is mean and nasty, it means the drug is wearing off, he needs more, "his tweak is about to expire."
Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
Ok, Guestwho....


do you smell him? He smells like @#%$ doesn't he
This made me laugh!


I describe it as something once you start doing, you just can't stop. You know what you're doing is stupid...the part of your brain that still has some sense left tries to tell the fried part of your brain to STOP THAT STUPID SHYT, but no matter how hard you try to, you just can't stop doing what you're doing.

I can remember feeling like two parts of my brain were at war...the sane part trying to talk the fried part into doing something different, or atleast quit what I was doing.

An example....tweaking for my husband...he couldn't stop masturbating....12 - 14 hours a day....only stopping to slam another shot.

Just know that the nastiness has NOTHING to do with you.
Sfj Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?"
The following is from the CMA Website


It doesn't matter what you call it. It doesn't matter how you did it. It brought us to our knees, because, without exception, that's what it does.

Is speed a problem in your life? Are you a crystal meth addict? Only you can answer those questions. For most of us who have admitted defeat, the answer is very clear. Yes, we had a problem with speed, and no, we couldn't fix the problem by ourselves. We had to admit defeat to win. Speed was our master.

We couldn't control our drug use. What started out as weekend or occasional use became daily use, and we soon found ourselves beyond human aid. We truly suffered from a lack of power to fix our problem.

Some of used speed as tool to work harder and longer, but we couldn't keep a job. Others picked at their faces and arms for hours and hours or pulled out their hair. Some of us had uncontrollable sexual desire. Others endlessly tinkered with projects, accomplishing nothing, but found ourselves so busy we couldn't get to work on time.

We deluded ourselves into thinking that staying up for nights on end was OK, that our tweaking was under control, and that we could quit if we wanted to, or that we couldn't afford to quit, or that our using didn't affect our lives.

Maybe we saw a friend go to jail, or lose their apartment, or lose their job, or lose the trust of their family, or die, but our clouded minds wouldn't admit we were next.

Most of us saw no way out, believing that we would use until the day we died.

Almost universally, if we had an honest moment, we found that our drug use made seemingly insurmountable problems in our lives.

The only way out was if we had the courage to admit that speed, our one time friend, was killing us.

It doesn't matter how you got here. The courts sent some of us; others came for family or friends, and some of us came to CMA on our own. The question is; do you want help and are willing to go to any lengths to change your life.

* Some groups change "tweaker" to "crystal meth addict".
JUSTCATS Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
But the typical signs like losing weight and black teeth he didnt have. So someone please tell me how he hide it so well. Am I stupid or is it because I have never been a drug user
My addict did not show any of the typical signs of meth use either. He didn't have the picked at skin, or bad teeth. He did lose a ton of weight, but I chalked that up to him welding at his job 12 hours a day, in 90+ degree weather.

I don't even know if I would be able to tell now, if he was on meth or not. You are not stupid, it is just easy to hide. Stick around and keep posting. It really helps!
Re: What exactly is tweaking or tweeking?
No, you are not stupid.

I found out 9 1/2 years AFTER I got married that he was using. My ex hid it so well... I didn't know until he got really bad and I still had to have help finding out what the problem was. It was meth.

Like Guestwho said, RUNRUNRUN!!!

Learn all you can about it and prepare yourself for some psychological games. He'll drive you insane with the mindgames because it won't make any sense. Prepare yourself by tuning the games out and not trying to reason with him.

Now my son and I can spot a tweeker a mile away...

You can't reason with an actively using addict.

They are master liars. I could always tell when my ex was lying. His lips were moving...

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