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Does Acupuncture help relieve meth cravings?

JamieJ79 Does acupuncture help with meth cravings?
Has anyone tried this for help with meth cravings? I have and it helps! Not only does it help with my cravings, but it help with stress as well. You can have the needles placed in specific area's for all kinds of problems like back pain, sleep problem, and so on. I was a IV drug user and I thought I would have issues with needles since I hate having blood drawn. Not so. It doesn't both me at all. Just trying it once will not help though, it has to be a ongoing thing. For me I do it three to four times a week. I've just been getting needles placed for cravings, but since I'm having trouble sleeping I plan on asking for help with that. I just thought I would share this with you guys, maybe it will help someone. It's not a magic cure, but if you are really trying to stay clean and need some added help give it a try. I always leave feeling really good. More at peace, more in line with myself. Oh and I'm not some weird new age person, I was really skeptical at first, but it works!
Sfj Re: Does acupuncture help with meth cravings?
I tried it.
I didn't feel or notice anything that helped.
vlussi Re: Does acupuncture help with meth cravings?
I tried acupuncture 7 years ago when I was preg with my son to quit smoking. I quit during the pregnancy but started back up aging. I don't think I would do it again cuz I had a really bazaar out of body experience. It really scared me.
Penel0pe Re: Does acupuncture help with meth cravings?
A few people have recommended to me that I try it for pain.
I'm willing to try just about anything... I haven't tried this yet.
JamieJ79 Re: Does acupuncture help with meth cravings?
I'm curious about your out of body experience, please share more. For me acupuncture only helps me when I do it on a regular basis. I've done it in the past like once a week or once a month and nothing happened. When I went at least three times a week on a regular basis for a few months I definitely noticed a difference.

I feel it's kind of like exercise. If you go to the gym once a month you won't really feel any different or see results. When you go on a regular basis you feel better and see the results. Acupuncture makes me feel more relaxed and I definitely crave drugs a lot less. Today I had needles placed in area's to help with sleep. I plan on doing this for awhile to see if it will help me sleep better while pregnant.

I know it helps with pain. I've had needles placed to help me with tooth pain in the past and it did help. I have scoliosis (curved spine) that causes me a lot of pain at times. I feel that my pain is not at strong or as bothersome when I'm getting acupuncture. Just a suggestion. It works for some.

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