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Is some human behavior worse than meth addiction?

Sfj Addiction or Behaviors?
Sometimes it seems to me that there is an unjust amount of automatic judgment against meth users. Without a doubt, using meth is a bad thing to do and meth users would benefit from abstinence. But using meth is certainly not the worst thing a person can do. (I should probably brace myself for a barrage of contradictory replies)
There are many behaviors much worse than doing meth everyday.

And then sometimes, it also seems to me that the most adamant and condescending posts come from previous addicts. In a way, I understand it, because they have been there. So have I. But using meth does not automatically mean that a person is bad, violent, sexually perverse, irresponsible, and all the other nasty things that are usually associated with using meth.

I marvel at the zealousness that I've observed among recovered cigarette smokers.
They are usually at the forefront of the war against smoking in public, taxing the tobacco companies, and bad-mouthing people who smoke, and making wildly exaggerated claims about the evils of tobacco.

While it is not common, there are plenty of meth users, who never beat their wives or children, they pay the bills and keep a job etc. Meth users, by and large are much more deserving of the label mentally ill than bad people to be avoided at all costs.

When I see suggestions, and I've been guilty of doing it also, telling a loved one, a friend or other person to kick him out. It still rings a bit uneasy for me sometimes. I think that those behaviors need to be considered in context.

Deal with the behaviors', not the meth.
Deal with meth use by more appropriate means, 12-step groups, therapy, treatment etc.
The meth user needs help more than automatic condemnation.
If a person is not behaving badly, consider other options.
Some meth users are actually good people caught in a bad addiction.
Re: Addiction or behaviors?
I am inclined to agree sfj, mentally ill seems to be a more fitting category than bad people to be avoided. If we all just avoided our addicts or kicked them out, Would that be the answer? Somehow I don't think so. Nice post sfj, I found it interesting.
Re: Addiction or behaviors?
This is a good topic.
My meth user is sweet, kind, and loving. With me, with the dog, etc. and so forth.
He's a "Motorcycle Enthusiast". When I ran into his bike he just stood there and looked at me. Kind, sweet, gentle man. Mad as h*ll right then, but not violent.
When I hit him, he clenched his teeth and told me to stop.
He has never raised a violent hand toward me.
With the therapy that I'm in, we're approaching this issue from more than one angle. Basically, I got to straighten up and quit being so hostile, and our goal it to develop some better coping skills than what I have right now.
Behavior is a big part of it.
Do chemicals bring out aspects of our personalities that were already there?
I really don't know.
Re: Addiction or behaviors?
Meth addicts are horrible, rude, self absorbed, and irresponsible..
....just like everybody else. LOL!
I am a good person.
...I really am. I'm a humanitarian, and I go out of my way to be nice....
as an active addiction meth addict...
....I wouldn't steal your money, but I wouldn't take responsibility for anyone's feelings....showing up for
b'days or holidays....ha ha ha!....I'd draw something for you and drop it off somewhere for you.

I was too busy to sit down and listen, I was extremely blunt....even more than usual.

I paid my bills....for 15 years or so...and so it began.......I quit paying them.
it really depends on who you are to start with, and how good a grasp you let it get on you.
marakris Re: Addiction or behaviors?
For me, it is the worst thing.....sort of a suicide by partying....
and you take everyone else spiritually with you....
What could possibly be worse....
well, murdering your parents would be.....
murdering anyone or any living creature (my belief)
any type of murder.....
rape, lying, stealing......
Sometimes (often at least lying prob. 100% of the time) using meth causes some of these things to happen...
just destroying your mind and body....it is one of the worst things that a person could do.....

I used to judge meth users....because I didn't understand them at all......I mean, I didn't really drink for years or have a desire to use any drugs, even though I lived in a house with dealers, slamming and every other person in the house addicted.....

I was the healthy athletic one.....spiritual....I'd rather paint, or meditate....."what the hell is wrong with my friends??"

But, years and years of drama with meth, led me to try it....and of course, I fell in love with it....

The strange thing that happened to me is that, for some unknown reason......my positive self esteem, turned extremely negative.....

To this day, I fight an inferiority complex......it seems almost physical......
I put off an aura of "F-off" kind of attitude sometimes, just to cover it up in public.....
it's very strange and I don't know where it came from.....
But I wish it would go away.......
Has anyone else had this happen?

My husband kind of does....but I don't know if it is because of the road that he went down with it.....

But for me, it was like an important part of my brain just tweeked out....and I have to work on it constantly.....esp. dealing personally with people....I have no patience for people at all.....patience was my forte......slow speaking, kind, meditation teacher.......WTF.....I hope this goes away soon....
Sfj Re: Addiction or behaviors?
To marakris,
Yes, I agree with you.
But also, there are many meth users who quit after a few times of using.
They may not be as common as those who become addicted, but who knows, maybe more common, most people don't really show up on the statistics.

There are thousands of people who try it, and never do it again and they never tell anyone.

Addiction or overdoing anything is not a good choice of behaviors. Meth addiction is particularly nasty, but even among meth addicts, there are some good people who are desperately struggling to get free of meth addiction's slavery.
Re: Addiction or behaviors?
yeah......it's like a werewolf that's really a good person when it's not the full moon.
or a very friendly, and loving bull in a china shop.

funny you should mention it marakris
....I got a f-off attitude....
and a very dark sense of humor.

I would push dogs over when they were balancing on 3 legs LOL trying to pee.
.........because, I was so "cool" I'm sure you remember why.. ..heh!
I used to say the Addams family would love my ghoulishness!......they'd want to meet my embalmer.
and if the munsters got marylyn some speed...
....she wouldn't be an embarrassment.
I was the undead...
...walking the earth until the curse was lifted and I could sleep.

shyt like that. 

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