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Help for an addict on probation

Help for an Addict on Probation
I know it's not mine to do ... but, my ex addict just called me at work and said he wants to get help, he wants a future with me (he had to throw that part in there) but that he doesn't know where to turn since he's on probation. His exact words were, "I'm not going to sign into a treatment program and basically admit to a probation violation that will get me locked up again - not going to do it."

I told him I didn't have time to talk at work. From what I've learned on here - he can still go to NA, he can still go to private counseling (and yes, he can afford it) ... what are his other options?
katelin24 Re: Help for an Addict on Probation
To go see a regular doctor who can refer him to a psychiatrist. He may be depressed, bipolar, whatever.

That was the biggest factor in Bry's outlook. Since he's been on meds, he's a lot different. And now he knows why he's so miserable. (Clinical depression.)
Loraura Re: Help for an Addict on Probation
Treatment programs are obligated to maintain confidentiality. They will not report him to his probation officer.

He also doesn't have to be actively using to seek treatment. If he really wanted to he could go see his probation officer, tell him he's STRUGGLING and wants to seek treatment, and make arrangements for meeting with his probation officer that help facilitate his recovery.

And yes, NA is free and widely available, as well as anonymous.
imlostinky Re: Help for an Addict on Probation
He can go through outpatient Karen and none the wiser.
and really Karen, isn't this something he can do by himself?

enabling- doing for the addict what they can do for themselves
Re: Help for an Addict on Probation
You're right ... he just sent me an email that says, "So was the plan to tell me to go to treatment and hope they would violate me and send me back? That way you could go about your business and not have to worry about me finding out what you're doing?"

Never mind. It's obviously more manipulation (surprise, surprise).

I did write this back ... and I will turn my back (once again) and continue on as I have been:

You have a problem, Chad - a problem that isn't going to fix on its own (you've proven that). So you haven't used in a few weeks, or even a month - it's always there, sitting right there, waiting to spring out again ?. Until you address the deep-seeded problems and address them ? it will always be that way, and I'm not sticking around for any more of it. NA is free, counseling with Dave is $10/pop, go see a family physician to be evaluated for depression or bi-polar ? there are options available out there, you're just choosing to not use them.

I also sent him the info that Loraura posted (about rehab and confidentiality ... hope you don't mind).

This is his to do - I 100% stand by that. Just thought I was getting a glimpse of "wanting" help ... guess I was wrong (boy it didn't take long though, did it?)
imlostinky Re: Help for an Addict on Probation
boy it didn't take long though, did it?
Nope- we raised you right
He may not be changing Karen but you sure are.
I am really really proud of you - and I love you bunches.....
katelin24 Re: Help for an Addict on Probation
not have to worry about me finding out what you're doing?"

Because every damn thing you do, say or think is his business, didn't you know that??????

Besides, I KNOW you're up to no good, Missy. How dare you actually be moving on and even *gasp* ENJOYING your life now!!!

Oh, the nerve of this boy. Grrrrrrrrr...

Re: Help for an Addict on Probation
we raised you right
Awww, thanks ... I definitely have you and many more on this board to thank for that. It does feel good - to feel strong - looking back at how far I've come.
Re: Help for an Addict on Probation

Boy your addict and my addict apparently went to the same school of How to Manipulate ....best tactics for addicts

The school must be somewhere close since we're in adjoining states! 

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