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Meth Free - a year later - what a difference!

pcejp What a difference between today and one year ago!
One year ago my daughter was a meth addict. It was the beginning of the school year. She cared less about her non-using friends, didn't care what she wore on the first day of school, and I won't even get into her mood swings. Basically, she didn't care about life.

After four months of treatment (starting September 16, 2005) and now almost one year into her recovery, what a difference.
School started today. The past several weeks have been many shopping trips and planning the "first day of school outfit". Many calls throughout the day to girlfriends to arrange pick up times, who has lunch with who, etc. She is now a senior and I have never seen her so excited for school to start.
She has come a long way and has done a lot of hard work. I am so very proud of her and her almost one year of sobriety!
a2ahome Re: What a difference between today and one year ago!
That is really great so hear!
I am happy that you shared that.
I hope that even the poster above could get something from your experience.
I know that a year ago I was in a much worse place than I am now. Namely still stuck in those toxic thoughts that were in my head.
This past year I have learned so much.

One of the most important things was to sometimes just shut up and listen when I was having a bad day.
Re: What a difference between today and one year ago!
There is life after meth. I am really happy for you & your
Re: What a difference between today and one year ago!
Pcejp, that is awesome news! My second smile of the day.
I am so happy for your family.
How wonderful it must feel to have your daughter graduating when this time last year everything was so dark.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Re: What a difference between today and one year ago!
It does my heart good to read a post like this one.
I'm very happy for you, and for your daughter.
There is life after meth, and it's so much better than being a member of the walking dead club.

Kudos to your daughter. Senior year is the BEST!
Penel0pe Re: What a difference between today and one year ago!
More evidence that WE DO RECOVER!!!

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