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Things I no longer carry since getting clean

lax2 Things I no longer (need to) carry...
8.breath strips
18.plastic bag
19.change clothing
20. duct tape

Please consider yourself tagged and add YOUR LIST OF THINGS YOU NO LONGER CARRY- Since you quit whatever bad habits...
Four SPECIFIC PEOPLE...i'd like to see their lists...
1.Penelope(Weve lived in 4 of the same places (cool)
2.Forget Suzette
6. **********Whoever else reads this please add to it...Thank you!!!
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
1- lighters
2- cd's
3- change of clothes
4 -books (yeah I would actually read)
5- Lots of makeup
8- pipe/ needles
9- small bleach bottles ( I never used it)
10- straws
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
I'm not on the list....But Ill post anyway
1)Glass pipe
2)5 Lighters
3)plastic bags
4) police scanner
5)night vision goggles
6)plastic hose
7)needles and other "works"
9)garden hose
10) electrical tape
11) thermos
12) binoculars
13) guns
14) scales

those are just a few
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
I no longer need to carry
Lots of lighters (still carry one cause I smoke)
Screw driver, knife, black electrical tape (ya never know when you might need it)
20 tons of perfume, make up, lotion, and hair products (must look good even if arrested)
Pad of paper and pen ( I would write poetry like mad when I was spun)
straw, mirror, baggie, and nasal spray (obvious reasons)
a change of clothes (cause ya never know where you will crash)
rocks of various kinds (would go crystal digging, ya know the quartz kind)
Bottle of miscellaneous pain and sleeping pills, weed pipe, weed and a few bucks for something to drink/eat (for when I come down)
hair ties (gotta have these for all the tweaky activities)
Um I think that about it.....how the heck did I carry all that around???
.........Oh yeah I remember. in a backpack
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
1. meth
2. foil
3. straws
4. speedpipe
5. colored candles (like lighter, but silent, no white, the wax looks like shards)
6. capsules
7. conversations with dead relatives
8. colored bras, nipple clips, crotchless underwear, 7 belts, and a water bottle.
(I still own these things, but I don't keep them in my purse 
9. bad vibes
10. extra clothes
11. fear (of running out)
12. burden (of responsibility for running out, and fear no TERROR of quitting)
13. wood glue

I STILL carry duct tape everywhere I go, and art supplies in case I'm stuck with nothing to do somewhere I can't smoke my cigarettes.
I was afraid I could only think of meth, foil and a pipe.
....I am a pack rat clutter monster by nature.
but it doesn't look like massive wet random, mildewing clutter or nothing.
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
and other things I don't carry.

.... empty Listerine breath strip containers! and decorated tick tack boxes!
For the purpose of loved ones knowing how slippery we can be....
when I smoked speed I stole those things and dumped
the breath strips in my empty wallet, and put the square bag
in the matching square breath strip container, and put that in the matching little square right pocket within the pocket of my jeans.
...needed to be easily identified by me for inner constitution.
.. not obvious, but not a loose bag for Gods sake...I'd have a panic attack if I didn't have it IN the box and IN the pocket..
if no breath strips, tic tac things.
...when I ate it, I'd put speed capsules in it. that size holds..a razor, short straw, and dope.
tin foil, a straw and dope.
I decorated them either with duct tape, paper or colored electrical...I custom designed these for my friends.
....I'd empty those single color square eye shadow boxes had a straw where the applicator was, and dope and a razor.
.....I'd put lines where the empty eye shadow hole was.
I also use to buy gas station pills like "stingers" that you couldn't see thru....in the little bottles.
it looked just like the most legal thing you ever saw.
....I could do it in grand central station.
taking some gas station pills here! ...good stuff!
it killed me anyway.
.....I was "functional" then.
lemmmie tell you..
...you can't explain away smoking a speed pipe, or foil and a straw.
there's nothing you can do with it, to hide it quick because its molten chemical scorching hot lava.
......that's when the altoid boxes became important.
to lay it down.
there's nothing more un natural you can do...
....animals look at you funny.
at home HAD to have a dark colored platter, under a plate, and a mirror before I'd open the bag.....
after 22 years you get tired of hunting rocks.
....I KNEW there wasn't any on the floor.
My ex would do it over the cat litter box........where there's loose bits of litter around it?  do I have to tell you I know what used multi cat tastes like?
I don't have to Carry on about not doing crimes over the litter box.

why did you ask this question lax?
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
1. Meth, meth, meth and more meth.
2. Rigs
3. 'Rig Kits'
4. Extraordinary amounts of makeup
5. Lighter
6. Cigarettes
7. Distilled water
8. Burden of proof (that that's not my meth)
9. Sketch pad, pencils, kneaded eraser, notebook, pens (and I wasn't even in college)
10. A false sense of well being
11. Empty plastic pill capsules in case I didn't have time for a rig (unfortunately I often forgot I had swallowed the pill full of meth, went ahead and did the rig anyways, became spun, nearly OD'd)

Suz, you reminded me, I can't believe I forgot!! I always had an Altoids box in my purse, the tin kind with the flip top. I always kept my bag in there and my capsules too. 
blondie Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
I no longer carry in my car
bottle of vodka
milk on ice
spoons to mix my drink
and all the while driving like this..
I am so thankful I don't have to live this way
God Bless
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
haha I think you guys must have had a HUGE bag or perhaps a pick-up to lug all this around!!
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
Sketch pad, pencils, kneaded eraser, notebook, pens (and I wasn't even in college)

how do you feel about not carrying these?
...I didn't draw for 6 years on my longest recovery time. when I relapsed, I thought, "I'll never not be able to draw again" I thought i would die doing speed.
when I lost everything and mom took me to a shrink
...it turned out, I was ADHD and the drawing side of suzette (my addiction's name) is actually valid.
....if I knew that at 18 instead of 38 my life would have been enchanted, I think.
everyone's would, compared to what we ended up with.
....now I'm taking adderrall.
my drawings are clean...not black.

my purpose in life is to tell you this.
...if you want examples or think it's true for you too. say it.

lax2 Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
More things ..(it sometimes took 5 hours rounding up what I needed in my backpack) (The breath strips pack is one I never thought of!
But that's what reminded me of #21
21.M & M Mints container... holds cigs drugs, pen cap.
22.pen cap
24.condoms (I was a Boy scout-Be prepared!)
25. porn
26.car magazines (for intermission)
28.Phone #s
29. change for machines/phones

I kid you not!!! I took so long to get out of the house, people would usually go on ahead w/o me...

(SUZIE ^ OTHERS...) I came up with this idea after finding the Topic on the FUN & GAMES FORUM started by sdmanjose,
POST titled "HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME">>> Check it out and answer that too if you haven't already, please. Thank you...

It helps us get to know each other better, Like this topic
does, it seems...ALSO SUZIE... You & I would have been quite a sight in the old days...QUITE a Sneaky (NOT) pair indeed... together we'd be watching porn, drawing and reading about cars, etc so forth OMG...

LoveMet Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
Ok I am not an addict.. But this is the stuff my fiancée  (addict) would carry around. Hope no one minds..
1)M+M empty bottles
3)Lots of empty Tupperware
6)Straws cut and not
8)Different containers
9)Decorted lighters
11)Address book (3)
12)Note Cards
18)Art Supplies
19)CD Book
20)Regular WOMEN'S Magazines


Forgot a few things
23)Paper Towels
26)Pot Pipe
28)Energy Pills
29)Energy Drink
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
1. dope (I would buy the MAC "Studio Fix" compacts, which had a secret compartment
2. rigs and works and kits
3. pillboxes full of any assortment of pills you could imagine
4. changes of clothes - I felt really "naked" if I didn't have AT LEAST two changes with me
5. all of my belongings in those HUGE ghetto woven plaid bags because I got kicked out of where ever I was staying and was hauling my @#%$ around aimlessly like a mule
6. stolen @#%$
7. tons of makeup, pens, and little water bottles all in a jumble at the bottom of my bag along with tourniquets, old rigs, and baggies. ("Tweaker Gumbo") (I was the most unscrupulous, un-careful person about walking around with that shyt in practically plain view!)
8. Hallucinations
9. Disgusting open sores all over my body
10. Which reminds me: BANDAGES. F**k, I was the Michelin Woman sometimes, wrapped up like a damn mummy because my sores were so infected and bad! I still have a lifetime supply of every type of bandage or dressing and tape you will ever want.
11. Then to cover the mummy effect ('specially on my arms), I would put these Britney Spears-esque black footless socks over my arms to cover the whole thing up! Or I would cut the toes off of socks and cover my arms with them! Ghetto!
12. Guilt
lax2 Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
oops I forgot...
31. maps
32.lists of things to do
33/list of places to go
34.people to call
35.things to pack/things to buy...

what also gave me this idea was that now when I go out I basically take 3 things ONLY!!! keys, wallet, and money--(no phone) I had trouble coming up with the 4th thing...
Oh HOW MUCH I've changed, and I do actually LIKE myself now, now that I am not carrying so much...
36. guilt
38. feeling of "being Lost"  around with me everywhere...( I can handle my spare tire for now!!!)
Re: Things I no longer (need to) carry...
This is a funny post!

1. Speed (inside a dental pick case velcroed inside a cell phone case)
2. Pipe (I wouldn't smoke out of other peoples pipes)
3. Lighter
4. Torch ( to clean the pipe)
5. Metal Bumber
6. Notebook to write how much I hated my husband on speed!
7. To do Lists
8. Cell phone
9. Newports
10. Blue Gel Pens
11. Mini Vibrator
12. Hair Gel/ make up
13. Laptop
14. Homework (in case I actually felt like doing it)
15. Floss
16. tooth pickers

I think that's it

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