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Does everyone lose weight on Meth?

Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
I have a family member who has every sign of Meth drug addiction but no weight loss, in fact she has put on a little extra weight over the years. She is older and non active and has many ups where she is talking in circles and very fast, and on weekends, sleeping long long times (most of the weekend). Does everyone lose weight on Meth? I thought I read in an article that you eat and crave when coming down. She has a lot of sugar items in her house, esp. ice cream. Help!
Sfj Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
It is possible to maintain and even gain weight while using meth in relatively small amounts. This is especially true for people who are on the "large" size to start with.

If she is sleeping a lot, she isn't using meth. However, if she quits using, for a day or more, she may sleep quite a bit more. Generally, anyone who is sleeping more than eight hours a day has not used meth in the past day or two.

What other signs are you noticing?

Here is a list of some common symptoms of meth use:

1. Lack of sleep, 2. Lack of appetite, 3. Nervous twitching, 4. Blaming others, 5. Grinding teeth, 6. Clenching jaw, 7. Seldom smile, 8. Avoid family and normal friends, 9. Unable to be responsible, 10. Dental and skin health gets worse. 11. Abnormally high amounts of energy, 12. Paranoia 13. Obsessive perverse sexual behavior, 14. Enlarged pupils, 15. Tweaking

How Meth Addicts Think and Feel
GaFlake Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
You are having the problem I was having not long ago trying to figure out if my 294# husband was a meth addict. He had all of the other signs but weight loss. He was on meth.
blondie Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
In the beginning of my ex's meth use he lost weight...after several years of use he started gaining weight.
I think everyone's body reacts differently. But yes you can gain weight. I have seen it first hand...
God Bless
Penel0pe Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
An old friend of mine (Tweeker buddy) was pretty heavy when I met her... and she used meth just about every day.
She became HUGE - the only thing I ever saw her eat was peanut butter cups, Fritos and cream cheese, and a gallon of whole milk a day.

She's probably still using for all I know... but she was a BIG GIRL for a meth user!
Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
could she be loosing a screw?
....like a developing ...mania, or flight of ideas?
bi-polar has mania, ADHD could make you act nutty and talk    in circles..
...maybe something is cutting loose on her.
like a wire came loose.
....it happens, look at Farrah Fawcet. 
she was a BIG GIRL for a meth user!

if she's in recovery, they'll have to knock down a wall to
get her out of her house!
......I've known fat meth addicts.
they do exist...I was never anorexic looking.
......I was a curvy meth addict.
but,  I have said, to 2 other fat meth addicts:
we're the NEW improved calorie challenged ghouls!

Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
Thanks for everyone's input. My sister has many symptoms that has led me to believe it's Meth. She has moment of energy and her kids have to tell her to slow down and relax, she talks in circles going 100 miles per hour, by the time her daughter got off the phone with her, she didn't have a clue what they talked about. On weekends, she sleeps all day for two days. My brother went to see her overnight not too long ago, he woke up at 4am, she was awake but when he left around 6am, she was out and there was no waking her. She has her alarm so loud, that the neighbors have complained and yet she is still 5 minutes to 2-3 hours late for work daily. I'm sure I'm right about her drug problem. I have two brothers, one is clean and sober after many years of drug and alcohol abuse, the other (which my sister spends time with) is married and he and his wife have abused drugs and alcohol for many many years. Wish me luck with my intervention and please pray for her to come around and get help. Does anyone know of a place she can detox that is free or cheap? She has no insurance and we cannot afford to place her in a center.
Sfj Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
I know of many places where she can get free help.
What is your/her location?

Treatment Locator

Do's and Don'ts

CMA Website
lily Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
My brother was not over or under weight when he started using. Then he lost a little after a few yrs of using, then went back to normal weight while still using.

He's been shooting meth for years and has maintained normal weight.

I agree with what's been said. Look for other signs, because it sounds like weight is not a good indicator.
Re: Does everyone lose weight on Meth?
How is it that I have fallen so completely in love with the apparition of what once was a loving and honest man? I ask myself, 'What facade did I fall for?' 'Who was it that I fell in love with?' The entire relationship has been a lie. How did I miss it? Why do I shed tears for something that never was? It is an awful madness that I do not understand. I have been so completely jaded by something and someone whom I thought was the love of my life. It appears to all be trickery from a nasty and all-consuming drug.
Coming from a family history full of alcohol addiction, I do not have the faintest idea about how to deal with this all-encompassing drug. Based on the lies and destruction, I can't even comprehend the power of this drug. It demands complete and total loyalty of its users.
Why can't I let go when I know, so completely, to the core of my bones, that I can never compare in regality of the affects and delusions of this drug?
I am emotionally and psychologically spent. I have nothing left, even for myself. I just so desperately want to see him overcome this. I know that I have tried and given everything in my power to help and assist him. Damn this drug to hell!

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