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Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts

Cindy Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
I'm sure there are dozen's of articles about this, but I have recently connected with a friend that I used to get high with. It was four years ago when we used to get high and have a blast. I have since moved on, but it tore me apart to realize I had to get away from her to do it. She has helped me in so many ways in life that it broke my heart when we had a fallout that would separate us.

Four years later, here we are. I'm still clean, and have no interest in using again, but she still is. She was actually clean for two years but since her sister passed away she decided to reach out to the meth. She called me at midnight to party. I was like no way. She hasn't changed one bit. I began crying because I couldn't believe she never changed. I'm 29 and she is 42. I wish I can use some kind of logic to snap her out of it. She sounded quite high on the phone...a sound I was very familiar with. I'm also scared that her powerful influence on me will result in me losing my way too. She keeps calling me and she wants to meet and hang out, but I'm scared. I don't want to face her, but she is crazy enough where she will want to find me and I live with my brother. I don't want her to disturb my home. I realize its not her fault that she is zonkers, but how can I put her off without setting her off?
Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
Block her number and don't call her.

Your recovery comes first- guard it with your life because relapse may very well take your life.
Cabird Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
You say she hasn't changed one bit. Stay away from her. She wants meth more than your friendship. When she decides to get clean and stay clean then you might want to resume your friendship. Take care of you first. She won't.
Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
"not her fault"?? So someone has a gun to her head forcing meth down her? 
We all lose loved ones...but we don't try to justify a meth addiction because of it. That's LAME!
Trust me...you WILL pick up where you left off, if not worse. Guaranteed!
And don't waste your time trying to reason with her, there is no "logic" that will change her mind.
So tell her to f**k off! and you're NOT going back there.
Her persistence suggests that she might need something besides a "friend", i.e. an enabler-doormat/using buddy/food, shelter, clothing /*your* cash & credit/.
RUN!!! Fast!... the other direction.
Or...be a tweaker again.
Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
When she calls you might try:
NO I choose not to do drugs anymore.
No I don't "hang" with people who use.
YES of course I'll help you....... if you want to get off the drugs and clean up too...
Please don't call me anymore unless it's to tell me you're ready to stop getting high and clean up your life.
Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
Be honest with her...

Tell her that you are afraid of losing yourself in the meth again and for that reason and that reason alone you can not risk spending time with her. Tell her that is has nothing to do with her at all.. that is is NOT personal, that you miss HER terribly and that you love her and care for her deeply, but you are too scared of the meth to risk losing what you have accomplished.
Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
I agree with khalamity.
.....Tell her you love her dearly, but you can't be around it, or your addiction howls, it makes you uncomfortable.
.....tell her your new hobby is bungee jumping, or gathering horseshit for fertilizer if she wants to join you...sober.

*giggles* j/k
tell her you'll be there if she makes it back to this side,
...but you can't go that way.
Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
IKWYM about being freaked that she's the same way she used to be. I know several people who I used with back in the day (5 yrs. ago) who are the EXACT same way. It's like how in the hell have you managed to not change in five years? Sad.

But, under NO circumstances hang out with her while she's still using/high. ALERT! WARNING! This is a very dangerous situation. She could have you back using in a heartbeat. You have to stand up to her and say 'hey, I'm really glad you called me but I don't party anymore, so give me a call when you don't either'.
Re: Breaking ties with past and Meth addicts
Hi Cindy. My name is Lori and I was addicted to meth for 13 years; been clean a little over 10 years; I'm turning 50 on Monday. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want you to know just who it is that is giving you this SOUND piece of advice.

Now, for my best advice.....ahem.....

Do whatever you have to do to NEVER have contact with this person again. Tell her the truth, a lie, I really don't give a damn. Just keep her out of your life. She is worse that trouble; she is your worst enemy.

I'm dead serious. That is my best advice. Do NOT allow this person back into your life, no matter what.

Good luck sweetheart.

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