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Help for someone using meth over 18

Help for someone over 18?
Any experience out there helping someone over 18? Is there somewhere they can be sent if needed? Someplace locally that helps? I was told that once they pass 18, there is nothing you can do. Is this true? If I do find out my daughter is in trouble...I'd like to do something ASAP.  
Re: Help for someone over 18?
I think the best you can do for now is DO NOT ENABLE her in any way. Don't give her money. Tell her you love her, but you won't tolerate her using, or her behaviors while using. Don't give her help with paying bills, or any other expenses she has. That is giving her drug money, even indirectly. Don't do anything that supports her drug habit. Don't yell or get aggressive, but let her know that when she wants to really get help you will be there. Don't let her bargain with you, and manipulate you into giving her money or something else by promising to get help "after" or "later".

Keep coming here, and talk with people. Helping yourself to understand more of what's going on with her, and with you, will be a good help for both you and your daughter. It might not seem like it now, but it will. You need support, too, and you deserve to have people (us) on your side, to support and share with you.
Re: Help for someone over 18?
Listen to everything that's said on this site. My son is now 22 and I have enabled him far too long. After coming here and learning what I've learned, I don't do that anymore. If she's using meth, she will do everything in her power to continue using. She won't care about you, your tears, your frustration. You'll become someone she thinks she hates. Until she needs money...then you'll hear what she knows you want to hear. It's all a big manipulation.

Stay strong - but it's going to be very hard.
My son is now in jail for the 3rd time and this time he's staying cuz I'm not bonding him out. Past two times I got him out with his promises of moving home and giving up the drugs - all lies!

Hopefully the next step for him is court-ordered rehab for 12 months. The judge sees a kid that can be saved and is going to try to work with me to make that happen. But right now, it's jail or death for him. I'm choosing jail.

Don't be blind to the signs - learn everything you can about them here. Educate yourself so your daughter won't end up like my son.

My prayers are with you.

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