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How do I tell a 12 year old about meth?


To the addicts - how do I tell a 12 Year son about meth?

As some of you are aware I live in New Zealand. We have a very small population only 4 million people!

Anyway my point being that we have a meth "P" epidemic in our wee country and this is a frightening thought & reality. 

My ex boyfriend is an addict, I've posted here about my experience dealing with him for the 10 months.
I have seen firsthand the devastating effect this drug can have on the addict and with the loved ones like myself.

The story below was printed in NZ Herald, and I worry for my 12 year old son. I have never discussed with him why the ex is no longer a part of my life, after he had been living with us for about 5 months. I have always played down why he no longer lives with us etc. I have told him lies to cover the TRUTH. I mean what do you tell a 12 year old about drugs?
I have no clue how to approach this subject with him. I desperately want to be honest with him about my experience with ex and also educate him, to give him the tools to not take this path.

This is where I am asking for some guidance. To those of you who got hooked "early" what would you tell my son?
How far do I go about the facts?

Here is the news article:

Fears drop in price of P attracting more teens  1.00pm Wednesday November 29, 2006
   Teenagers as young as 14 are trying methamphetamine or P as the price of the drug has halved in the last year, a drug education group Welltrust says.
   The group, which works with youths through schools and in conjunction with police, said it was worrying that the drug that used to be targeted to adults was becoming prevalent among youth.
    Welltrust executive officer, Murray Trenberth, said the price for a "hit" of P had dropped to $60 from $120 a year ago. Drug dealers were also giving free samples of P with marijuana that teenagers bought.
    Mr Trenberth said a 2002 Auckland University study had found that 20 per cent of youths were "problematic users" of marijuana by the age of 16. "They are the kids who are likely to try P," he said.
   The visible aging affect of P on young people after a year of use was extreme, he said. "It's what's happens to the teeth, it's what's happens to the face - its marks and lesions. It looks like they are 10 years older or have contracted Aids." Mr Trenberth said. Through counseling they educated youths about how drugs affected their brains and lives. The group had about a 60 percent success rate, he said. "Some of those kids use P just to feel normal," he said.

Sfj Re: To the addicts - how do I tell a 12 Year son about meth?
Show him this post, your post, just as it is.  Then say to him,  "Look what I posted on the internet."
Re: To the addicts - how do I tell a 12 Year son about meth?
Hey SFJ, can you post that thing that you have about the comparison of eating the cheeseburger and having sex and the amount of dopamine that it releases into your brain and then the amount of meth?

When I explained it to my children I used that example and just changed the having sex thing to riding a roller coaster. They seemed to really understand it.
Re: To the addicts - how do I tell a 12 Year son about meth?
The object of the game of life:......He who needs the least to be happy wins.
meth destroys your natural feelings of well being..................it desensitizes you.
and destroys EVERYTHING near it....you home, your job, your personal relationships, you're peace.......I mean IT GETS IT ALL.

you can ask anyone here how far out the ripple of pain and despair reach.....
....everything that you get near gets burned.  it amazes me.  you go too fast too hard and too long and it drives you crazy.
LdyLesa Re: To the addicts - how do I tell a 12 Year son about meth?
My grandson is 12. He knows a lot about meth. He doesn't know the technical stuff. He knows that his mom has an addiction to meth and alcohol. He knows that it has caused her to do things that she wouldn't normally do in life. He knows that drugs, including meth, are wrong if not prescribed by a doctor or under the supervision of a trusted adult. He knows not to take candy from a stranger. I tell him as much as I can about drugs. If I don't, someone else will.

Tell him the truth why you aren't with your ex. Use it as an example.
Trust me on this, at 12, they know a lot more than what you think they know.
Re: To the addicts - how do I tell a 12 Year son about meth?
I mean what do you tell a 12 year old about drugs ?

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW, and if you don't think you know enough, visit internet sites with him and learn together.

vctry7 Re: To the addicts - how do I tell a 12 Year son about meth?
Education is the best prevention.
My kids know more than most of the adult general population. And I don't mean from watching us. I mean from us educating them from a nonusers view and from school.

Our state (10 years after meth hit hard) started an anti-meth campaign. Kids as young as 5th grade have watched graphic videos, have anti-meth video games in the classroom, and get lessons from teachers and the guidance counselor.

Any 12 year old kid in our school can tell you what meth is and what it does to the body and brain, in simple terms of course. They even know what paraphernalia equals meth. Will it make a difference? I sure hope so.

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