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Why is meth so addictive?

why is meth so addictive?
Can anyone answer why meth is so addictive compared to other drugs?
Why is that some people get hooked the first use and why is it so hard to quit?
What is in this drug that makes it so addictive?
Please help us understand.
Re: why is meth so addictive?
This is only my opinion......
The amount of dopamine that is released into the brain when you get high Is the biggest one.

The first time I ever got high, was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. Dopamine is the " feel good " chemical in your brain.
But there are many things that make it so addictive.
here's a few for me....

compared to other drugs, I could make this one myself.
I cooked meth so the money and power associated with it.
The " friends " you make
Sex was better
The emotional numbness it gave me

those are just a few that relate to me...but each person would have their own reasons

kell Re: why is meth so addictive?
Q: Why is methamphetamine addictive?

A. All addictive drugs have two things in common: they produce an initial pleasurable effect, followed by a rebound unpleasant effect. Methamphetamine, through its stimulant effects, produces a positive feeling, but later leaves a person feeling depressed. This is because it suppresses the normal production of dopamine, creating a chemical imbalance. The user physically demands more of the drug to return to normal. This pleasure/tension cycle leads to loss of control over the drug and addiction.

Q: How does methamphetamine take over one's life?

A. Methamphetamine short-circuits a person's survival system by artificially stimulating the reward center, or pleasure areas in the brain. This leads to increased confidence in meth and less confidence in the normal rewards of life. This happens on a physical level at first, then it affects the user psychologically. The result is decreased interest in other aspects of life while reliance and interest in meth increases. In one study, laboratory animals pressed levers to release methamphetamine into their blood stream rather than eat, mate, or satisfy other natural drives. The animals died of starvation while giving themselves methamphetamine even though food was available.

Methamphetamine Frequently Asked Questions

Re: why is meth so addictive?
I can tell you why I think Meth was so addictive to me. I used a lot of different drugs before meth, they all where great while I was using them but the next morning I would feel so guilty.

With Meth I NEVER felt guilty because my crazed mind kept telling me....It was a good drug. I was a better person on it. I went to work and did my job better than ever. I lost weight and looked better. My relationship was better because I could work all day and come home and clean and remodel the house on a nightly basis....all night!

All lies of course because it wasn't long into my addiction that I lost everything and look like death.

I have no clue what it is in meth that makes people believe the Meth Lie...just that it happens most every time.

Loraura Re: why is meth so addictive?
Yes, I can explain why it's MORE addictive than most other drugs.

Take for instance, Cocaine. Cocaine stimulates dopamine to be released in the brain, which feels great. The body naturally breaks down cocaine in a matter of minutes, and the natural recycle process for dopamine gather all the dopamine released, and puts it back in storage for next time.

Meth also stimulates dopamine to be released in the brain. However, is has 2 other properties which make it infinitely MORE addictive than cocaine.

1) It takes the body HOURS to break down, rather than a few minutes. So it continues causing high dopamine activity for hours.

2) during these HOURS of activity, meth also BLOCKS the recycle process, meaning the dopamine can not be "caught" and put back in storage. Because of this, the brain has no choice but to use it's 2nd line of defense against over stimulation -- dopamine destruction.

So for several HOURS the brain goes about destroying dopamine. This means that when the user stops using, there is LESS dopamine left over than before they used. Each time they use, there is less and less dopamine left.

This lack of dopamine causes the brain to NEED meth just to feel normal again.

The body can make more dopamine from protein that is eaten, but not at a rate that can keep up with a meth user's destruction of dopamine. This is why it takes MONTHS of clean time to begin to feel anything resembling normal again.

Loraura Re: why is meth so addictive?
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