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Questions about quitting coke verses meth

Question about quitting coke verses meth
Is it as hard to quit coke as it is meth?
Withdrawals and such about the same? Depression last as long?
or does someone rebound quicker from coke?

Sorry but I never got much out of doing coke. For me, it was a waste of money and time.
Need some help- have a friend who is wanting to get clean.
Asking me questions I don't know the answer to.
Which reminds me, I don't know if it is crack or just coke.
Does that make a difference?
Sfj Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Although I've done quite a bit of cocaine in the past, I never got hooked like I did with meth.
I've seen others get very strung out on Crack.
Here in SF, crack is pretty much the domain of a particular demographic. Not exclusively, but rather predominant.
Crack heads are very difficult to deal with. They go down very quickly.

People who snort or shoot powdered cocaine don't seem to sink as low, or stay as low for as long.
Those are just personal observations and nothing scientific.
Lisa Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Hi T!
Okay, I have a certain amount of experience in this I guess.

Keeping in mind, of course, that everyone is different, I had little to no problem stopping cocaine. And I've done A LOT. It was my DOC all during the eighties, right up until the time I got pregnant in 1988. It was a piece of cake for me to walk away from coke and ALL drugs when I got pregnant. (And I stayed that way for eleven years, until I met up with "Tina").

I found it had a strong psychological hold rather than physical. And the strongest jones comes immediately when the high fades, about twenty minutes, give or take, after the hit. The jones for more is severe, so ya end up doing lines every fifteen to thirty minutes to keep the high going.

The come-down from coke is pretty bad if ya don't have anything to help (alcohol or pills). But I found (and again, this was just me), that the next day I was fine. I ate alot and slept alot, but if I didn't have any left, I didn't care. A day or two of eating and sleeping (or even resting) and I was good as new. I never had to keep it in the house or plan how I'd get more, like I did with meth. I never felt any depression or lethargy after the first day. After a weekend of partying, if I took care of myself on Sunday, I was back to work, cheerful and smiling, on Monday.

Smoking crack and doing lines of coke are two completely different monsters. Smoking crack is BAD as far as come-down and jonesing. I've seen people do some horrific things when coming down from a crack high. I've never done it, so that's just what I've observed.

If your friend is just snorting coke, not shooting it or smoking it (which I know little to nothing about), I'm pretty sure they're not in for the hideous withdrawal ride that meth takes you on. At least I never experienced it, and I did coke regularly from the early seventies until 1988.
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Have just a minute- got grandbabies today.

This guy is hooked majorly- a lot of the same psychosis that you get with meth, very strung out.
Not sure if it is crack or coke. I know at one time he was just snorting- but not sure if he is graduated now.
Major hook, major life issues, homeless, locked in a nasty room for days - a lot of the same you get with meth.
Be back later in the day.
Love you too Lisa and I will tell you all about my holidays when I get back in.

Okay- coke and just snorting.

I don't know of anyone who has ever gotten this hooked on coke.
But that is what the word is.

Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Mike's last run this summer was with coke. He was smoking it. All day everyday for nearly 2 months. He told me he was smoking so much he had hoped it would kill him.

He was so violent when he was coming down. Punching holes in the wall, throwing @#%$ around, cussing, screaming...all that lovely crap. Really angry and really ugly. I never saw that side of him with meth. With meth he was just gone...a zombie in Mike's body that every once in a while would have some kind of emotion. His temper was shorter with the meth, but he didn't have the utter hatred in his eyes like he did with the coke.

He told me that coke makes him way more emotional than meth and so the comedown for him was more of a mental and emotional struggle. The meth comedown was sleep, sleep, sleep and some eating. The really bad urges and mental struggle didn't come for him until a week or two later. Where as the first week off the coke, he was a mess according to him. I wasn't with him during that time.
Lisa Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Grandbaby Day...yea!
How does he afford coke? If it's good at all, it's majorly expensive.

I've never heard of anyone going off the deep end from snorting only. Some of my (ex) friends graduated from snorting to smoking (we called it free-basing back in the day) and then to slamming. That's when they lost it...but from snortin'? Unless he goes for days and days and days just doing the drug. But your nose tends to get majorly f*cked up from doing that, cuz ya gotta keep doing lines almost constantly, unlike meth, which as we know, packs a punch that lasts awhile.
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
I had a cocaine problem in the eighties. I smoked it, and snorted it.

It was a similar withdrawal. meth is harder on you physically, but the mental part, the obsession, and compulsion to get and use cocaine was just as bad as meth. Depression depends upon the individual. How much they lost, and trouble they created for themselves factor into it. For me it seems like meth was much harder on the dopamine.

I pulled a change in geographics to get away from cocaine. It took another 12 years for me to figure out that I was the problem.

Its hard no matter what substance your addicted too. I remember alot of cokeheads live in the illusion that they aren't as bad as tweakers.

Just another form of denial.
Cocaine is a very destructive.

In SLC where I got sober, Cocaine anonymous was a fun fellowship. They did alot of cool activities, and knew how to have fun in sobriety. 
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
My opinion is that meth is a lot harder to get off than coke. My withdrawals from cocaine were mainly depression and a little anxiety. My withdrawals from meth were horrible. I think that the cocaine messes with your dopamine and it takes a while to get that back but not nearly as long if your friend was using meth a lot.
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Theresa, darling, I don't know a great deal about Coke. I've spent all my time learning about meth but my s/o has a friend.

I met him and he's like about as big as a minute. Looks bad, real bad. He has Hep., I don't know, the bad kind.

Anyways, s/o was telling me about him. He lost everything cause of coke. Had a beautiful cabin, he built it himself. You know, like hued out the logs and stuff.

He had a real good job and had all this money build up in some kind of plan. The only way to get the money was to leave the company. He quit and as s/o put it to me, all the money went up his nose. It was like thousands and thousands. He had worked for years to get this.

He is now simply a bum. When he comes round we feed him and sometimes s/o will give him a little money. It's so sad.
So I'm thinking' this drug must be bad too.

You are so sweet to try and help your friend. He is blessed to have you.
jes78 Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
i slept for days, but my withdrawals were always from heroin or that's what i thought. i will tell crack is what i finally ended up on the streets for. i couldn't get enough. crack took everything from me.
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
I could help you with this one T - that was my drug. PM me if you need more info...
iw2q06 Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
i did coke for two years... it WAS hard for me to stop using... the only reason i quit... was

1) i couldn't afford how much i needed to get high
2) i did @#%$ to get some coke that scares me till this day
3) i found crystal...

it wasn't really hard to stop coke once i had my first hit of dope... in my opinion... crystal is way harder to quit than coke...

MUCHO LOVE---- iw2q *poke*

ps... coke sux!!!!!!

Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Coke was my drug for 2 long years in my twenties. D@mn I wish I had all the money back! I went from "bumps" (fingernails full up each nostril) several times daily to empty vials daily. Talking about hating mirrors and a razor blade--ugh. I can still envision cutting out lines.

I was either so young weight didn't stay on, danced at the clubs so much every night I worked off what I ate, or both. I did end up quitting my job where the coke flowed like water after the drug dog landed on my tummy in the pre-dawn bust where I lived then. The dealers were mainly wanted and the rest of us were ignored save extremely embarrassed and unable to buy cos the cops had been there.

1 week of stomach aches, chills, sweating, nausea, and depression-but the first 3 days were the absolute worst of the whole week. All-in-all, I'd rather quit coke 50 times over than meth a second time...this first time was hard as hello, even with help from my docs.

I'd say in hind-sight coke was a major reason I had to have a full sinus revision, IMO.
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Thanks everyone.
I will pass the info on. As he was an alcoholic first, I don't think having the booze to wean off would be a great idea.

I don't know how he is affording it Lisa. From what I can see, he is jobless, homeless. I may not want to know how he is affording it.
From what I gather, he is ready to quit- just afraid to. From what I hear from you all, it really isn't that bad- not as bad as what he is doing to himself by using for sure.

He asked me about it and I had no idea. It just was never my DOC. To me, it ranks right there with pain pills and those xanax crap- a waste.
Really it is all a waste but for me in my party years, just more so......
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
Coke was so easy to quit for me, and I only did it for a year cause I fell in love with that whore CRYSTAL
Re: Question about quitting coke verses meth
hey there is a product guaranteed to stop coke meth cravings it is called genesis recovery i have never taken it but it seems good enough to at least try

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