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Hair follicle drug test for Meth?

Scared Hair follicle drug test for meth?
I understand that if you take a urine drug test, ice would be out of your system in 4-5 days. Does anyone know about a hair follicle test?
Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
Scared, depending on the length of the hair as to whether it goes back one month or 3.

Why are you scared? Can we help you with that one?

Addict, 11 years clean
Scared Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
Thanks for the info Theresa. To make a long story short, I'm a single parent to a beautiful 6 yr old girl. I'm not proud to say that I use but I can't deny that fact either. I've been doing pretty good up until now. You see I only use when I'm really stressed out. Well my ex-husband called DFACS on me out of spite with allegations steaming from abuse to drug use. So far they haven't been able to prove any of the allegations to be true. They've visit with me in my home and taken two urine drug test which came up negative. They can't find anything but still continue to harass me. I finally broke down and smoked some last week. That was a big mistake because they came over yesterday and request a hair follicle test which I complied. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I screwed up and now I might end up loosing my baby. I've never dealt with DFACS before so I really don't know what their procedures are in a case like this.

If anyone on this board knows what the next step will be, please, please let me know. I know I messed up but loosing my baby is going to kill me.
Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
Honey, meth is going to kill you.

Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
You see I only use when I'm really stressed out

I learned a long time ago that life is full of stress. You can't avoid it. My question is, what are you going to do about your drug abuse? Whatever happens to your child in this case, it really doesn't make much difference when you have not addressed the issues underlying your drug abuse.

It's been my experience that CPS would rather return the child to the home if at all possible. So in the event your daughter IS taken away, what are you going to do to prevent this in the future?

You are already under the microscope now, the red flags are up.

There IS a better way to live, there ARE better ways to deal with stress, and you don't have to do it alone. You will find a wealth of information here, and resources to stay clean.

So much
Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
I think what you need to do is think about your baby. You should've seriously thought about that before you used. I'm sure you're scared about the results. I would be surprised if they came back negative with the hair test.
You need to prepare yourself for that test to come back negative and for your ex to get custody of your baby. Whether the test comes back negative or positive, what have you learned? Meth kills! It will destroy everyone and everything around it. Make this the day that you work on getting help with the addiction. Stress is a poor excuse to do drugs, drink, smoke, etc. We all have stress and you need to find another way of dealing with that. You really need to focus on changing things for yourself so you can have a relationship with your child.
I wish you luck in recovering from everything.
Big hugs to you!
So much
Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
Correction: You need to prepare for that test to come back positive.
Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
Is there anyone who could take your daughter while you check yourself into rehab, Mom, sister anybody. If you go to rehab and are working on yourself I believe social services will actually offer you services to help you, not take your daughter away. Maybe this is your wake up call.
Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
You see I only use when I'm really stressed out.
Yep, know that one. The thing is Scared, every time you use because of whatever reason, that is a felony.
That puts yourself and your child at risk - that puts your health at risk.
That is not being a good parent. No matter how well you do everything else- that one act alone makes you less than you could be.
It took me running out and not being able to find any that cleared up my perspective on this.
There is a better way to handle stress. A way that won't make you less. A way that won't risk your life or your freedom.
What you have to do is find it.
I don't know how this will go- you may get lucky if your use has truly been so minute.
However if you have been stressed every week, that isn't a good thing here.
How do you feel about your habit? Is it just a once in awhile thing?
Could you quit? without wigging and jonesing you think?
If you can, my best advice is to do just that.
If it is more than that, if you can't just quit and walk away and be okay with that, my best advice to you is stick around.
We are ones that found ourselves wigging and jonesing when we tried to walk away.
We can help you get through that.
You can save your face or you can save your a**. Face doesn't do you a lot of good if you don't have the rest to follow.
Welcome to KCI. Hope you stick around.
Re: Hair follicle drug test for meth?
Dear Scared,
I am pretty sure the hair test will come back positive. You need to prepare yourself for that. Is your ex capable (drug free) to take care of your daughter? I hope so as otherwise they may want to put her in foster care. These are the kinds of things you have to think of each time you want to use.

I know it sounds harsh but as you said losing your baby is the worse thing imaginable to you. So, work hard, very hard and remember that these things will be remembered by your child when she is older and they could trouble her. Try your hardest to give her every semblance of a normal life. I made plenty of mistakes, we all do. Drug abuse doesn't have to be one of them. Go to counseling, exercise, eat correctly and if you really need it, take prescribed medication from a doctor. Dirty meth isn't going to take your stress away, maybe you think it does temporarily but it only adds fuel to the fire.

Some women who are in danger of losing their children opt to wear a patch. Some judges approve of this. This is EXTREMELY accurate regarding drug abuse. Being around others using can make you test positive. Because of its extreme sensitivity I know it is honored by some courts as they believe only a person who really wants to come clean will attempt using it.

Hopefully, everything will be okay. BUT you must work on recovery because even it your hair test comes back negative, is that fair to your child? You know it isn't, she deserves a clean, sober mom.

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