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Passing a hair follicle drug test?

bystander passing a hair follicle drug test
Hi - I'm new here. Occassionally I read the site because I feel I need to be informed about the effects of meth use from all angles to help me deal with my present situation. Thank you all for being so open. This is a sad epedimic that doesn't seem to be getting any better.

My husband and I recently won a year long battle to gain custody of his 13 year old daughter b/c her mom and step dad are meth addicts. Part of the custody order states that the mother cannot have visitation unless she passes a hair follicle drug test. My husband can request the test at any time. She has passed 3 tests in the past 3 months but she still has all the classic signs. We were told by someone close to her that she is using a shampoo that guarantees a clean hair follicle test.

Does anyone know anything about these types of shampoos? Any recommendations on how we can get around it?

Thanks in advance for all you help!
mdfazalea Re: passing a hair follicle drug test
How about changing that test to a DNA mouth swab test? I've done that test for a job before and I think you cant fool that test...yet.
bystander Re: passing a hair follicle drug test
From what I can tell there are products on the market for that type of test, also.

Not sure what to do at this point. We have to be very careful because every time my husband denies her visitation she immediately calls the daughter and starts telling her that her dad doesn't love her and is on a power trip. She is so manipulative - and the sad thing is, the daughter believes her. She is so torn. She has such a strong bond with her mother and she can't see that her mother is exploiting her emotionally to cover her lies about her addiction.

It is so sad that we have to put up with her bull$&*t all the time. We are just trying to provide a good life for the daughter, one that she did not have at ther mom's house, and it seems like all her mom wants to do is make her daughters life a living hell.
Re: passing a hair follicle drug test
if they take the hair, or if they give them a pair of scissors and a closed door.

the place that did my husband's just gave him the scissors and sent him to the bathroom to get his sample.

maybe because they didn't want to have to cut from his pubes, I dunno, but it was still ALL TO FISHY for me.

If they don't supervise , or take the hair themselves, then I'd put a stop to that.

I have heard of the shampoos, but I have read so much that they don't work. But maybe now some do. How quickly does she have to test after he reqeusts it? Any chance of like catching her off guard and getting her down for a test??

good luck
djmom11 Re: passing a hair follicle drug test.
My understanding is a hair test should show use even months ago, and that no amount of shampooing will help to show a negative test result.
JDP Re: passing a hair follicle drug test

My boyfriend once passed a hair drug test for a job he was trying to get, well he washed his hair with something that worked cause he passed the hair test and then they gave him a urine test and he failed it cause he didn't know they did both. The lady told him that was a first, passing the hair but not the urine test. How embarrassing.

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