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Memory loss: why addicts act weird?

lynne memory loss: why addicts act weird?
once my ex addict said "I'll call you back in 15 minutes."
he never called.
or he would say: "I'll call you at such and such time." no call.
or i would tell him something and when he repeated it in the future he got it all wrong.

does the long and short term memory loss account for addicts being unreliable about maintaining any sort of human relationship?

if they cannot recall the things they say they'll do and don't do them that equates into feelings of betrayal and anger and hurt from the non-users they are connected to.

or is it not so prevalent?
lisag45 Re: memory loss: why addicts act weird?
I'm curious too, he says he'll call later in the evening and days might go by. He does eventually call, usually reporting that 'things went to hell' or he was 'bummed out' and didn't want to burden me. We have only been in contact again for a month, and he was not a meth user during our 12 yr relationship, which ended 12/13 yrs ago. We are not involved in a physical relationship and we do live 50 miles away from each other, so I don't have expectations that others in a committed relationship would; but why do addicts do this?
Re: memory loss: why addicts act weird?
As Suz says.......time flies on meth.

Doing minute or major things-wish I could say more but I think I'm about to cry.
Re: memory loss: why addicts act weird?
~Disorder world~

...I love psych central. all the personality disorders, mental disorders, and strains of insanity no matter how small they register, on the crazy scale....have a name.

I love this stuff......try personality disorders 1st.
(scroll down to the bottom)
.....see if you can see, the box your bf is in.
it probably won't help, but is something to do to try to understand.

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