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Does Meth cause memory loss?

Hstuerke Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
Does meth use cause Memory Loss? I ask because my dh forgets everything I say...says I never said these things...makes me feel like I'm going crazy or some shiat. The other day he even forgot that he told me the neighbors got their water shut off...we even argued about it...he SERIOUSLY doesn't remember telling me...is this normal? 
from hell
Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
Since when does anything with meth abuse / addiction come into the same sentence with normal.

YES, for this addict, I have lots of problems with memory.
We call it CRS.
I know I suffer from bad memory loss, I'm only a newbie in recovery.
I'm hoping to either adjust, or get better.
cortyshell Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
Depression causes memory loss
Loraura Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
Yes, it actually DOES damage areas of the brain responsible for short term memory.

I posted more about this on AM a while back, I'll try to go find it.
danimal55 Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
Uh....what's the question again?
Oh yeah! memory loss...to concur with Al, we suffer chronic CRS, or in layman's terms, "Teflon Brain"...
'cause nothing sticks to it. 
Loraura Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
OK, yes, Meth effects the hippocampus part of the brain, which is responsible for short term memory.

More detail as to the why of it from a UCLA study on how Methamphetamine Alters Brain Structure:

A team of scientists who used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to compare the brains of 22 methamphetamine users to those of 21 control subjects. People in the methamphetamine group had used approximately 3.4 grams of the drug each week for an average of 10.5 years.
MRI of methamphetamine users showed three significant brain abnormalities:

1. Smaller cingulate areas (volume reduced by 11.3%).
2. Smaller hippocampus (volume reduced by 7.8%). Also, changes in the size of the hippocampus were correlated to changes in performance on a memory test.
3. Larger volume of white matter around the hippocampus (volume increased by 7.0%).

These brain abnormalities may help explain the depression, paranoia and memory problems experienced by chronic users of methamphetamine
chrisgonz Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
is there anything we can do to help with memory loss???
I tried ginkoba years ago... it made me dizzy.
cuzicare Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
I'm interested too. I suffer from memory loss - never used meth, but I drank a lot, smoked some weed over the years.
I have been under stress and depressed.
13 days no drinks!
Loraura Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
Time.... all you can do is give your brain clean time so that it can find new, undamaged, pathways for storing and retrieving information.
Meth shoots holes in your network wiring, so to speak.
Your brain is a pretty good network engineer, and will rewire as needed, but it takes time to do all that.

Auditory and verbal information is stored differently than visual information.

So if you need to remember something:
1) Say it out loud.
2) Write it down and put it somewhere, that you will see it.
3) Repeat it
I don't function without a To Do list.
Re: Does meth use cause Memory Loss?
I used to safety pin notes to hubby's clothes.
That was AFTER he would delete my text messages and still forget.

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