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Short term memory is so bad

writerjp Short term memory
I have been clean for almost 3 years. My short term memory is SO bad. Sometimes my husband will call me and ask me to do something for him and then 5 minutes later I forget what it was and I have to call him back. Is this normal? I always forget stuff and it drives me nuts. Also, I get headaches just about every single day. Sometimes I get numbness or tingling on my head or on the back of my head near my neck. I went to my regular doctor and she said that the headaches could be caused by stress and tried to prescribe me a non narcotic muscle relaxer but I told her that I do not want to take medicine because of my past. Should I go see a neurologist? Thankfully, I have health insurance now through my husband's job and I could go if I want to but I am a little afraid to be honest. What would I ask the neurologist to check or look for? I have never been to one. I am not sure if this has to do with my past or because I have had a couple of concussions before. If you guys have any answers, I would appreciate it. I really hope that I am not getting on your nerves by making all of these posts all of the time. I really appreciate every single one of you guys!
Loraura Re: Short term memory
Short term memory is harmed by meth use. Your brain has to learn new pathways to store information, and while using detours.... sometimes information gets lost in transit. It does SLOWLY get better with clean time.

I wouldn't expect someone who has had a stroke to instantly re-learn tasks that previously used portions of the brain that were damaged by the stroke. Same theory applies here.

Brain damage sucks.

However, different parts of the brain are used for different types of memory. SO try using as many of those types as possible. Write it down, say it out loud more than once.

This uses visual, verbal, and auditory memory types. Perhaps ONE of them will make it through the detours.

As for the headaches, I would ask a doc. I used to get headaches every single day.  First they thought allergies or stress.  Turns out it was a blood sugar problem. I can control them with a low sugar diet.

writerjp Re: Short term memory
Thanks for the reply! That totally helps a lot. I will go back to the doctor soon. I repeat stuff at work all the time. I am sure that it drives my boss crazy but she knows about my past and does not judge me for it, thankfully.

vctry7 Re: Short term memory
I've burnt 2 out of the last 5 meals I've cooked. I just forgot. I forget everything, but at least I am clean.

iw2q06 Re: Short term memory
Being clean is what counts... even if u have to eat burned food for it.  (NO I'm not laughing with you I'm laughing at you)..... i said that wrong didn't I??

Lisa Re: Short term memory
Hi jp,
My nickname is Swiss because my brain is just like Swiss Cheese...fulla holes. I guess memory loss is part of the whole aftermath of meth. Try writing everything down...make lists. It's easy for me to say, because I'm a compulsive list maker, but I know it works for normal people, too.
It's SO irritating to forget stuff like we do, but we're all part of the CRS Club, so you're in good company.

Anytime you have continued headaches or numbness or tingling, I think you should see a doctor. If the doctor doesn't know, see the neurologist. He (or she) will ask you everything he'll need to know to make a diagnosis. I do think you should get the headaches checked out. I'm certainly no doctor, but I'd guess after three years of being clean, the headaches aren't from the after-effects of using. 
writerjp Re: Short term memory
Thanks for all of the answers, you guys. I really appreciate it. I almost forgot that I actually made this post. 

iw2q06 Re: Short term memory
you are funny.  at least u don't forget how to spell  and u don't forget to push the add reply button and u don't forget to put the right smiley.
see your not that bad

Kellhappy Re: Short term memory
I still forget stuff. Sometimes it's silly, but sometimes it gets pretty bad.
I think it's been affected by my sleep problems lately, too. I have been forgetting wayyyyyy more than normal. I did the questionnaire they have for new patients, and it seems like forgetting things might be pretty common when you haven't been getting enough rest. Also a lot of other things I've been experiencing lately (more than what I normally experience due to drug-damage).

I think the trick is finding ways to live with it. It does get better. And you can do stuff like make lists, write notes to yourself, etc., whatever works for you.

vctry7 Re: Short term memory


Being clean is what counts... even if u have to eat burned food for it.

Thanks. You're absolutely right. And I burned the chili again, the day after I posted that.

iw2q06 Re: Short term memory
*smacks hand in face*
if u have kids... tell em i sayz... i sorry. and
to buy themselves microwaveable mac&cheese cuz mommy
can't get the chili right....

meanwhile... keep practicing with the chili 
don't forget to turn off the stove when its all done 
you'll get it one day.... i believe in u *hugz*

UCLAngel Re: Short term memory
My short term memory is toast. I think that's very common, especially with ex meth users, due to the amount of brain damage meth causes.

I agree with others here...you might want to see a neurologist about the headaches. If the neurologist doesn't find any concrete somatic cause, consider visiting a chiropractor to check the alignment of your cervical vertebrae and cranium.

The reason I mention chiropractics, is that your symptoms you are describing sound very much like the symptoms of having a "misaligned atlas joint", a condition which I have had before. The atlas joint is where your head connects to the spine, and if that joint is out of place, it can press on nerves which can cause symptoms identical to yours. A chiropractor can correct the problem.
BUT...again, see a neurologist first to rule out other more serious causes.

Hope that helps.

writerjp Re: Short term memory
Thanks for all of the wonderful advice Angel!

I never thought about that, my back seems to be in pain sometimes too. I am going to go see a neurologist if my headaches do not go away after I get my wisdom teeth taken out, because I was thinking that it might have to do with that. I should probably work on my posture too. I bet that has something to do with it.

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