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Meth vs freebase question

magicdc1 meth vs freebase question
Hello good people.

A month or so ago, I first posted on this site. My younger brother has developed a very bad problem. Based on all the symptoms and the few facts that I knew, I came to the conclusion he was into meth.

I've had a call in the last week from a friend of his who says he's seen bro cooking and smoking cocaine.

Does anybody here have experience with freebasing? Is it basically the same problem (and symptoms, and consequences) as meth addiction but just a different chemical?

Any information or insight is well appreciated. Thank you!
jes78 Re: meth vs freebase question
freebase is coke cooked w/ baking soda, crack is cooked w/ ammonia.

i never did meth.

it will ruin your life. u get paranoid. i guess everyone is different. for me the more i did it the more and harder i geeked.

in the end, i couldn't swallow my own spit cause cops would hear me.

i guess not drinking, eating, or sleeping doesn't help.

hope he gets some help. god bless. jes78
danimal55 Re: meth vs freebase question
Cocaine is a different chemical, and in many ways so are the symptoms and consequences.
Meth destroys quickly, and the brain damage is un-thinkable, the affects of meth last much longer as well.
The addictive properties of meth are also unique, quitting cocaine is IMO a walk in the park when compared to quitting meth.
The odds are good too that your Bro may choose meth as his drug of choice, if he hasn't already...very common.
Re: meth vs freebase question
I have another question....new to this board and new to the world of meth addiction. My significant other has a history of coke addiction. I could always tell when he was doing coke because I could smell it on his skin when I kissed him. He calls me "the nose". Now, I think he's smoking meth, but I don't know what it smells like, or how long the smell lasts. Will it cling to clothing like the smell of pot does? I'm really at sea here and could use some help. Thanks...
luvepiphany Re: meth vs freebase question
I never smelled a thing but others have smelled cat pee like odors...

If you can't tell by the behavior changes as to whether or not he is using meth then you should probably quit sniffing. The behaviors of a meth addict (haven't heard of a one time user lately) are the telltale signs.
Re: meth vs freebase question
Thanks, luvya. There have been behavioral clues that have led to my suspicions. The emotional part of me hates to think that we're going down this road one more time, but my intellect tells me "once an addict, always an addict." I know it's a day-to-day battle, but...omg...thanks...

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