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Meth's effect on the reproductive system

Meth's effect on reproductive system
I have a question for you all. How does use of meth impact a male reproductive system? I'm so confused right now and can't decide whether I should leave my husband now or give him *another* chance. I know that I want to have children someday so that's where my question comes from. Will he still be able to father normal healthy children?

I'm at the age in my life where I only have time to either divorce my husband and heal, which I expect to take a few years, before meeting someone new and building a relationship...another few years and to have children. OR I can take a risk and give my husband *another* chance. I don't have time to do both. Children are a part of my life dream, so I'm wondering if he can even father healthy children. As background, he's been using meth and crack off and on for the last 4-5 years.

Juliett55 Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
I can't speak for everyone, but I heard from the addiction specialist that reproductive functions can fully recover after 1 or 2 years. Meth is out of the system especially in men, it stays longer with women.
So yes, you have a good chance to have children if he gets well.
kmb2006 Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
I conceived and gave birth to two beautiful, perfectly healthy children while my husband was using.

I don't think meth affects the male reproductive system at all.
Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
My husband used for about 3 years this time. During that time, I got pregnant 3 times. Our daughter is fine and healthy. She is one and a half. The last 2, I miscarried.

Miscarriage happens and being that the babies were # 8 and 9, that probably had something to do with it.

While decision to stay with him based on whether or not you guys are going to have children is sad to me. If you decide that you love him and want to stay with him, it should not only be for the fact that he may one day be able to give you healthy children. If you in fact do decide to stay with him and have children, you should have more of a relationship then "he can give me babies".
Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
Just to clarify...I'm am not basing my decision on whether or not my husband can provide me with healthy babies. If it was as simple as that, I would go to a sperm bank.

No matter what, I will always love him and will support him as much as I can without endangering my own physical and mental well being. Children ARE a part of the life that I want to have and I shouldn't have to give up my hopes and dreams to stay with him and support him. We discussed children before we married and he indicated that children were in his plan. Just about everyone I know has told me to leave him now and to start new, so I've got a lot to think about...not just babies.
Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
Also, I want to make it clear that even if I do decide to stay and take a chance with my husband that I have no intention of having any babies until the trust is rebuilt between us and I know for sure that he wants recovery and is in recovery...which I know can take several years and is going to be a life long struggle for him.

Right now, I'm not 100% sure he's done using and don't know if I can ever forgive him for being with prostitutes and endangering my life too by being with me while deceiving me...claiming he was not using.
Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
I know it's very hard for you right now.

It's an excellent question. I don't think the science is there yet to give the answers ya know.

And of course, in this, you can only control you, just like the rest of it...
FSOAB Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
Wow... This is a lot to think about.. Not lightly either..

If it was me, I guess I would hang it up if you guys have discussed what is important and there are NOT any major changes to even out together..

Sounds like it needs to be mostly his part. Prostitutes? Drugs? If he wants children, I don't think that stuff should be in the mix..

Something I always remember and seems to be true.  (Once a cheat always a cheat..) Even though I just don't want to believe it because that is soooo closed minded.. (in my opinion) I do believe people can change and there will be big flags so you know they are.. Don't let him think its o.k. for him to not prove it for you and your children.. You and your children are worthy and he should not over look it..

Wishing you much.
Kellhappy Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
what i was told was that it affected the central nervous system, and not the reproductive system....

i don't remember who told me this, and i can't really vouch for its accuracy...

i think it seems reasonable that its main effect is on the nervous system, though. it hurts our brains, and brain chemistry, which contributes to a lot of stuff, neurologically, with depression-related issues, and things like that. related to reproduction, i think it'd have to be during pregnancy with the mom, but i don't know if a "high" at the time of conception dad would even have an effect on the kid....of course, this is probably one of those things that is hard to study, like anti-depressant use during pregnancy, because who would volunteer for the study, just like the drug company would never accept the liability for saying it's ok to use their drugs during pregnancy if you could sue them for anything happening to your baby.
notoldash Re: Meth's effect on reproductive system
I think you have a very valid concern here. However a physically healthy child can end up unhealthy in other ways when brought into a dysfunctional family.

My children's father is a user and there's no doubt in my mind now that he was probably using at the time. Both my children are physically healthy.

I worry more about the drama and mind games their addicted dad plays. IMO this is more of a unhealthy worry then whether he was spun at the time of conception.

edited to add.. IMO a healthy relationship between the parents is very important when considering having children. If I knew then what I know now...

Just my 2 cents.  

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