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Why do meth addicts lose everything?

lynne Why do meth addicts lose everything?
and why do meth addicts lose all their belongings? do they just not pay their bills?
my ex lost: his house to the IRS! crashed his car! lost his money tons of it (gambled).

how can someone who made lots of money get reduced to nothing because he used meth? would being on meth make you not pay taxes?
does meth use make you not pay your bills? ignore responsibility so you lose everything?
and why was he SO insistent on not "growing up"? he said he WOULD NOT GROW UP! be more responsible but not grow up.
don't they feel like garbage after losing all that? 
Re: Why do meth addicts lose everything? 
So "they" can buy more meth, and not work, and stay up for days or weeks.
To an addict *nothing* is more important than....more meth.

And like the song says, "There's a hole in Daddy's arm where all the money goes"... along with anything else that resembles material equity.

Of course "they" feel like garbage, meth IS garbage, and garbage we become...in our minds. Ooops..."their" minds. 
Re: Why do meth addicts lose everything? 
lynne, are you starting to detach yet????  I think you are.

Have you gotten that feeling yet that you were sleeping with yucky sicky garbage? When that reality sinks in just a little bit more, the soul ties seem to break a little more.

You are worth loving and thinking about. Try asking yourself why...about something about yourself for just a minute-it helps to distract.

Then, think of what you DO have with the meth monster outa yer life-it helps

Oh, and it's a great thing when they lose every last "thing" because that means that they are that much closer to recovery and even when we "hate" em, it's best for the world for them to find recovery.
Re: Why do meth addicts lose everything? 
The problem for some of us is that them losing everything makes us (their family) lose as well. We were a hard-working, two income family of four. Now I am left to try to pay for everything while he is off who knows where. In time, I will lose everything too. That is what makes me so angry. My children and I are doing all that we can do hold on to what we have and we ultimately will lose it all. That is very frustrating.
Re: Why do meth addicts lose everything? 
have you ever tried to find a single movie scene on a vcr or dvd?
....and you keep blowing by it...in fast forward? then rewind...... repeat?
that's how your memories are on speed.  
Re: Why do meth addicts lose everything? 
I've known a certain meth addict who steals from himself or others so he can have something important for his mind and body to do and be the hero and find the things....sometimes even get a reward...ooohhhh then he deserves some more dope cause that's what made him so powerful and smart to find or recover what was lost or stolen....and the beat goes on

ever watched a silly dog chase it's tail?
vctry7 Re: Why do meth addicts lose everything? 
The problem for some of us is that them losing everything makes us (their family) lose as well.
That is one of the reason's why it is sometimes better to separate from the addict until they get into recovery. I know for me, my kids won't ever do without so either of us can get high again. I would take them from my husband - he would take them from me. Why should they have to pay the price because we "love" each other?

As to the question of why addicts lose everything -

It's because they are addicts. Nothing is as important as meth. As long as they are getting or trying to get high, everything else comes in second place. I'm sorry, but that's the truth.
Re: Why do meth addicts lose everything? 
We lose everything because meth is more important to us. I just sold a complete (expensive) stereo deck just to get a gram. I've only used once and I already worry that I might be stuck like chuck.

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