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Recovery? What does it really mean?

imlostinky Recovery?
I hear that a lot here I say it even more.
But what does it mean? really?
pisces Re: Recovery?
for me recovery is changing my whole life and all my approaches to it so that i can cope with life's challenges in a healthy, clean way
kymosabi Re: Recovery?
I think recovery means to obtain, once again, what you've lost, healing both internally and externally. To become whole again, to live again. Learning how to cope productively, and restoring ones love for them self and all that surrounds them.
Penel0pe Re: Recovery?
Learning how to live life without drugs, learning how to cope without dope, learning how to be a better human being, and, for me, learning how to have a spiritual life that I never had before.
missybuns Re: Recovery?
To recover everything I lost or would have achieved but couldn't due to using junk. To recover my dreams....to recover who I really am. To recover my dignity and love. To recover my birthright to live each day fully present. To recover the compassion allowing me to share beautifull experiences with others ....to live in the freedom where new dreams awaken.

Recovery means not having to pick up and use junk no matter what happens in my life.
Tamtom Re: Recovery?
Re: Recovery?
To learn to cherish the people around you, especially your love ones.

To learn not to take what you have for granted.

I think thats 2 very important things i've learned since i got clean.
deeeCA Re: Recovery?
Recovery for me is the process of recovering from my addict self and return to the state of mind and body that I had before I started using drugs and alcohol.
Re: Recovery?
recovery for me is learning a NEW way of life...although recovery implies getting back something we once had, i have never known the life i live today, EVER...recovery for me is about a mental spiritual emotional physical attitude thought-pattern re-birth....being the best person i can be on a daily basis, giving of myself rather than taking from everyone else...recovery is a brand new life, one i have never ever experienced before, not just putting the drugs down...
Re: Recovery?
Becoming whole.
imlostinky Re: Recovery?
I am still figuring it out.
I like all the replies- I do.
I feel a lot like Shane though in the technical recover term- because I am living as I have never lived before.
It's hard to put into words, It really is.
Learning to live life without drugs for me is just a small part of it- a crucial part- but a small part.
That just opens the doors- to a floodgate of new experiences, personal growth, a new perspective.
What I am finding is after 11 years clean, 2 years into recovery, I am not even close to where I will be.
The more I look, the more I learn.
Humbling. Amazing. Awakening.

Healing of mind,body and soul.

kaydee Re: Recovery?
Recovery = recover one's freedom. No longer a slave to the demands of a drug.
Re: Recovery?
For me to RECOVER is to grow and learn from my mistakes.

Also it means to let go and let GOD. I am recovering

each day and I am making it through the day without dope

of course the 12 steps helps me to stay RECOVER
vctry7 Re: Recovery?
Being able to live life without drugs - productively.
RIP Re: Recovery?
Where your program takes you entirely hinges on how you define recovery--you, not your friend, or your sponsor, or your group.

Think again about your own definition of recovery. Write it down on a peice of paper. If your definition of recovery is _______, then your problem is ______, and your program will take you to ______.

If you have to think very long to before filling in the blanks, it probably means that you have not yet defined recovery for yourself.

If you dont have a clear definition , you dont have a direction. How far can your program take you if you are not focused on where you want to go? How far does any vague, unfocused notion get us ?

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