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Were you violent on Meth?

imlostinky Where you violent on meth?
For me, I always had anger problem. Horrible temper.
I can't say meth made me that way- I was a redneck whup your butt ask questions later personality.
The only time I was ever a danger was when I had company over and they kept arguing with me over my cousin.
At that time, if I had a gun, I would have shot them-

but I can't say that is a meth thing. At the time, I would have shot them straight- they pissed me off. That's why I don't do guns and why I have learned to control my anger.

My husband was never violent on meth- alcohol, yes- meth no.

So? how about you?

Did people need to keep you talking so you wouldn't get lost in your own little world and become violent?

For me, I would have been more angry for being interrupted from my tweaking than you not talking to me.
Lisa Re: Where you violent on meth?
Hi T! *smooch*

I didn't get violent when I was high - I was pretty even-tempered and calm, surprisingly. I got violent when I WASN'T high.

Trying to get clean was a nightmare of rage for me (as you know). I don't have any doors in my house that aren't severely damaged, I don't have any knicknacks anymore at all (all smashed to smithereens), and the walls are all pocked from where I threw everything from vases to small appliances! LOL

However, a certain somebody who inherently had a rage problem BEFORE meth, went absolutely bonkers when he was high.

I think it has something to do with your basic personality...the way you were before drugs ever came into the picture.

I never had a bad temper until I started cleaning up from meth.

He had a history of a bad temper his whole life.

vctry7 Re: Where you violent on meth?
I'm not a violent person. I hate confrentations (don't think that's spelled right). BUT, I did get violent on meth. The longer I was up, the worse it got. I plotted murders in my mind. I even drove around with a gun looking for someone more than once.

My husband - he was violent before meth, but meth made him 1000 times worse. He was a literal danger to society. Now, he's much better.
BrokenN2 Re: Where you violent on meth?
I agree with Lisa.....finally...hahahaha

I had some rage issues while coming off of meth...and when drinking. Drinking has always made me violent for some reason or another.

I did skitz-out on meth and even thought that Rolling Stone, People, and Star magazine had hiden messages in them and that deeeee was trying to have me killed....wtf...I even thought many of you peeps were someone else...hahahaha...where is the enjoyment??

I dunno one day I just began skitzn on meth and from that point on its only gotten worse with each time I used...even after abstaining for 250 days...the last time I used I noticed that I didnt even get high....I went straight to skitzn as bad or worse than before. thinking people were hacking into my phone and crap....weird and sick @#%$....scared me str8.
vctry7 Re: Where you violent on meth?
I wanted to clarify something. I was not violent when I first started using meth. In fact, I felt really good and everything was right with the world.

It was over time and as my use increased from staying up just one or two days to staying up for over a week. I was always violent and suicidal everytime I came down from the very beginning.
Imgetinrite Re: Where you violent on meth?
I was very violent. I used to cary guns with me everywhere I went.

I had a SKS and a .380 Pistol.

One of the things I did when I was at the peak of my addiction was trade dope for cars.... I had a bunch of them... I would part them out or fix them and sell them.

I had this little red ford escort and I was trying to change the oil. The drain plug was strippen out and I hurt my hand trying to get it out. I got so mad... I got up from under the car... pulled my gun, and emptyed the clip into the car.

The reason I bought the Sks ( assault rifle ) was this punk I knew came to my garage one night with his friends and shot at my garage with a little 22 cal pistol.

I bought the rifle.... so the next night.. him and his friends came by.... and when they pulled in the driveway, I popped about 10 rounds off at his mini van... not trying to hit it, but to scare them... It worked..... They ran like chickens with their head cut off... and left the van in my driveway.

Everyone knew that I carried guns, and would use them.... even the police.
Every time they would come to arrest me, they would come with at least 10 of them... with guns drawn.

Funny thing is.. I was never a violent person before meth.. and Im not violent now.

Just when I was high
Tamtom Re: Where you violent on meth?
yes, ive have been violent while on dope as well as not.everytime i believe i was prevoked.
scorpio Re: Where you violent on meth?
If you pissed me off then yes I could be violent. Guess what,, EVERYTHING pissed me off.
Re: Where you violent on meth?
I was lovey dovey when I was on meth. I could be pretty pissy when I snorted that last line out of my bag, or when I was trying to sleep it off for a day or two. As soon as I had a new bag, and a couple of days rest and food, I was all lovey dovey again.
Re: Where you violent on meth?
I admit I do have a temper. Mostly, it lays dormant and silent thankfully, but when the steam builds up, there are only 3 choices: implode, explode, or stiffle. I'm learning to enjoy the punching bag instead of stiffle, implode, or explode. I am searching for new and positive outlets for temper instead of stiffle, implode, or explode. I'm almost always a wuss when it comes to violence.

Pot or any medically prescribed drug that reacts adversely or negatively with me will send me into a hot-headed, combustable, person.

Coke, alcohol, meth......I'm mellow and happy and good natured. That is/was a true blessing.

Verbally or physically or sexually abuse me or mine or the defenseless, I will show NO pity whatsoever. I don't have to tolerate such as that nor will I.

I also don't allow around me and mine anyone, altered or sober, that even emits the subtle tones of aggression and violence. Life is too short.
Re: Where you violent on meth?
Good question Theresa. Oh and please forgive me for being bad but uh, well you know.

I can't say for me cause well you know, I've never done meth.

I can tell you about my son. I thought that when he was high on meth, that that was when he was mean. I learned from here that's not right.

When he was high, he was so nice and we would just have the best conversations. When he was comin' down, OMG it was horrible. He was so, so mean and extremely violent. I was actually afraid of him.

I don't think that is just a meth thing. I've seen drunk people be just as mean a he was.
pisces Re: Where you violent on meth?
i was violent my whole life...

starting in pre school...
.....i didn't want to have to share my space with
others...i didn't like anyone

i hated authority form the get go

and the violent bahavior continued on

and meth was the by product of my anger when i used it

i used a great deal of the time to
....perk up and be social and smile

but when i got clean and i was put on Lamictal for bi polor, the anger sorta stopped with my mood swings....

Re: Where you violent on meth?
Only when coming down.
Re: Where you violent on meth?
I had a lot of rage in me before I ever started using meth, but it never came out until I was using and married to my then husband. The beatings got so bad (he was twice as violent when he started doing downers and whiskey with the meth) that I knew I was going to get the crap beat out of me, but I wasn't going down without fighting back

I had a guy come up after a meeting behind me and slap me on the back hard like guys sometimes do and I had whipped around and had my fist drawn. It was still an automatic response for me. My heart was going 90 mph, and I looked at him with a clenched jaw and told him if he ever did that again, I'd deck his ass.

I still have a nightmare once in awhile about getting the daylights beat out of me, and that's been over 20 years ago now.
Penel0pe Re: Where you violent on meth?
If you pissed me off then yes I could be violent. Guess what,, EVERYTHING pissed me off.
And people wonder why we are so close... LOL ...

You're me, I'm you...

I was a violent, out of control beotch on meth.

I used to hurt people for fun, to collect money, to make a point, because it seemed like the thing to do at the time, because you pissed me off, because you gave me the stink eye... it didn't take much.

So yes, I was extremely violent on meth - assaultive, you might say.
Lisa Re: Where you violent on meth?
Pen, what do you mean when you say you hurt people for fun?

I know I didn't "know" you then, but that seems SO incredibly different to how you come over.

It's hard to imagine you being a Mega-Mega-Beotch, and IMPOSSIBLE to imagine you hurting people for fun.

Hurting physically or emotionally?
vctry7 Re: Where you violent on meth?
I knew I was going to get the crap beat out of me, but I wasn't going down without fighting back
That was me. I knew what was going to come, so I didn't wait anymore to get hit first. It didn't make me tough, like I thought, it made me stupid. I never won one fight -ever. I also started getting violent with other people. I guess it wore off on me.
Flyf1sh3r Re: Where you violent on meth?
I wasnt violent.

I didnt like to tweak around people, so I wasnt around anyone long enough for them to get on my nerves.

I had the capacity to be violent at the end of my run. My psychosis made me feel like my life was in danger. I would have hurt someone to survive.

Its good not to live like that anymore.
Re: Where you violent on meth?
Pen, what do you mean when you say you hurt people for fun?
I used to like to fight - physical altercations. I used to be a bully. I got in a lot of fights - at bars, I maced someone in his own doorway once, I even got into a brawl with two women at a laundromat once. I fought at school. I fought anyone who I thought had it coming, or anyone who threatened my friends, I would even go to your house and knock on the door so I could fight you for whatever reason there was that day.

I liked fighting. I fought a lot, with a lot of people, male and female.
SOS1988 Re: Where you violent on meth?
Addiction makes me an abusive, angry person. I know if i continue like this i will be an abuser
Re: Where you violent on meth?
I wasn't before meth -- during meth -- or coming down or off of meth. Just miserable.
Re: Where you violent on meth?
i was always a violent person but meth brought it up a notch or two. my husband is a big, kind gentleman, thank God. i used to spit in his face, punch him, kick him, pinch him and burned him with a cig. he would just restrain me. thank God that he didn't hit me. he could have killed me with one swipe. one time i held a blow dryer over the shower stall while he was taking a shower, scared the @#%$ out of him. he should have kicked my little ass but he never did. i am clean almost 4 years now and i am so sorry for my behavior. thank God he stuck with me. love, angie
hdftboy Re: Where you violent on meth?

I said things to the love of my life that I still regret to this day.

It was the first time I realize my weekend fun was a problem.
Re: Where you violent on meth?
Trevor wasn't violent but he was the biggest self riteous jerk I had ever met. He is usually a smiling person. He was so bitter and angry it hurt to watch.

Brn7more Re: Where you violent on meth?
I got beat by my ex-husband for 13 or so years, it wasn't until I started using meth that I started fighting back...and actually getting some good licks in myself!!!

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