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Does Meth lead to increased Violence?

doorsfan Violence and meth

Hi everyone. Just stumbled across this board and have read some of the post. They sound all too familiar. My daughter is divocing her addicted husband..finally!!!! My question is...will the violence continue to escalate? Any response will be appreciated.Thanks in advance

Haley79 Re: Violence and meth

Hey Doorsfan,
Can you be a little more specific as to why you ask? Happy to offer my advice, just don't know enough about the situation.

unwise Re: Violence and meth

more specifics would be good. my son becomes very violent. i am terrified of him. from what i have learned here, it's when they are coming down. tell us more. someone here WILL be able to help you.

Penelope Re: Violence and meth

I love the Doors!

Will the violence continue to escalate - you just never know. We're a nosey bunch - do you want to tell us a little more?

Re: Violence and meth

It has been my personal experience that all domestic violence escalates. It continues to get worse each time. I was married to an alcoholic who slapped me around and a meth user who emotionally and mentally abused me. It got worse the longer I stayed and got better when I left! Good luck to your daughter. She has made a wise decision to leave.

Sfj Re: Violence and meth

Again, I think meth gets too much credit.

Meth usually has a tendency to exacerbate things. It will make something more than what it is without meth. If a person is reclusive, meth will make him more reclusive. If he is violent, meth might make him more violent. If he is horny, he’ll end up like the rest of us.

Many meth addicts have a tendency to withdraw and isolate, but there are a few who become increasingly more violent. They are not the majority. Liquor and meth is guaranteed to be a bad combination. Pot and meth is less harmful.

Those are my opinions.

unwise Re: Violence and meth

Sfj, I thought the violence was when they were coming down. Is that wrong? Are you saying the violence is there to begin with or they would not be this way? My son does smoke pot. My friend told me you smoke pot with meth to take the edge off? Is that right?

Just for the record - I DO value your opinion tremendously!

Sfj Re: Violence and meth

Both cases, yes.

The violence, if present will definitely be more prominent on the way down. On the way up, the user is usually feeling very good, happy, and everything seems wonderful.

If the violent tendencies are not there to begin with, using meth is no guarantee they will arrive. In fact, quite unlikely.

Thank you for the confidence.

Re: Violence and meth

unwise, a lot of users say pot takes the edge off. I would use it when coming down to help me relax. If I smoked it while wired, it made me plum looney!
Or should I say, loonier!

joplinburns Re: Violence and meth

I cant speak for everyone...but in my own experience when I left my x he became more violent then in the past...he is now in prison for that. He would stalk me, sit outside my childrens school....sit outside the college and even sit close to my house to know my every move....even with a full order of protection. I was scared honestly. Phone call after phone call and text message after text message finally the cops put a stop to it all by revoking his bond till trial. So my answer is yes to your question....keep your selves safe and file for a temp order of protection and then go to the court date and get the full order...i know that it is just a piece of paper but he can be arrested if he bother either of you.....good luck.

doorsfan Re: Violence and meth

Thanks for all the input.Here's the story.Daughter is now 23 and has a 3 year old daughter. She has been married for nearly 5 years, however she has been with her husband since she was 15. We knew the guy was bad news from the beginning but I'm sure ya'll have heard or maybe said the same things..He's not that bad..It's someone else's fault.blah blah blah.The abuse started as emotional{head games}and turned into physical the last year of their marriage. She moved out and filed for divorce in March. She relocated nearly four hours away. As soon as she moved, he moved to Florida{both are originally from texas}. Court orderded temporary sole custody to my daughter and his visit had to be supervised by his mom{another nut case..but that story is for another day}.On his second visit, he threatned his mom with a gun while my granddaughter was present.He was arreasted on a charge of felon in possession of a firearm. He returned to Texas yesterday for a court appearance on Wednesday.He showed up at his moms house and choked his sister-in-law. As of right now there is an all points bulletin out for him. He called my daughter today and told her he was going to talk to his daughter one way or the other.He was violent before but it seems like he is ready to snap. She has a protective order and she is staying with my other daughter whose husband is in law enforcement. How violent should we expect him to get. My daughter is terrified. Thanks for the time. Any insight will be great.

Re: Violence and meth

In Texas you can legally carry a concealed handgun if you take a class and pass background checks. I suggest she sign up for a permit ASAP.I think it is a good thing she is staying with a law enforcement officer, but he has to go to work sometime. She needs full time protection on her. I know I will probably catch hell for this, but that is okay. It is perfectly legal to use deadly force to protect your life and the life of others in immenient danger in the state of Texas. Sounds like this guy is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Sfj Re: Violence and meth

Sometimes we have to do things that are extreme, unusual and even illegal. From reading your post, I’d take no chances. The guy could lose his remaining sanity and go off the deep end in a heartbeat. There’s no telling. We’ve all heard and seen TV reports about someone violating a restraining order and going on a murder rampage. A piece of paper is no match against a raging, insane, violent murderer. I don’t care how many courts sign the stupid thing.

I think that sometimes, getting a handgun and learning how to use it properly is actually the only choice we have. The old saying, “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

I’m just curious, how many good law-abiding citizens on this forum have enough faith, confidence, and trust in a restraining order to keep them safe from harm?

Re: Violence and meth

I have no faith what so ever in a slick peice of paper. First of all, if they violate it, you have to be physically able to get to a phone. By the time the law gets there, if you can call them, it is too late. The perp has either already done the deed or run off. I have a lot of faith in Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

Re: Violence and meth

I have no faith in a piece of paper and my ex is a police officer. He will even tell you it is hard to protect a person all the time. But I would get it so in case he does and they catch him harassing her they can do something about it.

I don't own a gun. But I can tell you if I felt the need to protect me and my son from someone like that. I would get one. I would KILL anyone over my son..Flat out no question asked to protect him from harm..I actually have been to the firing range quite a few time with my ex. Believe it or not I can aim and hit my target at a closer range than him. Damn I am good So I do believe if you need one get it but get the training to use it properly. I live in Texas also it is nice that we can carry a gun if we choose....

Re: Violence and meth

If it does come down to proving your life was in danger, I think the TRO or protective orders may have some bearing in court.

T.- most women are notoriously better shots than men. Something to do with our eyesight. It is always a good feeling to be confident that you are protected by your own hand. I would never recommend for anyone to use a firearm without proper training and safety classes. Texas is a great place to live isn't it? Just think, if guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns!

Just Ol Ma Re: Violence and meth

A U.S. Marshall once told me the exact same thing the local county Sherrif told me. If you must shoot, do so to kill. If you only incapacitate him/her, they can sue you for damages. That was lesson one.

Lesson two is either shoot once and make it count. Or empty the gun.

Lesson three is make sure the blood is on the floor not outside the door.

All three are firm indicators of self defense, with justifiable force.

Old lessons but always applicable.

doorsfan Re: Violence and meth

Thanks for the replies. She has a gun and knows how to use one, but this dude will come in the dead of night. Update on the court appearance he was to appear at today..No show, so there is a bench warrant out for his arrest. He told my oldest daughter that he is leaving for Florida today. He knows how to work the system. He knows that Texas wont extridite him from Florida{the guy is 26 years old, has been arreasted 18 times and has only served 6 months in state jail....trust me, he knows the system.} Our hope know is that he stays in Florida. The sad thing is his daughter really misses her dad, but my daughter knows she has to stay strong to protect that precious little girl. My prayers go out to all of you because I know what everyone has gone through...the lies, the manipulation, the cons, the lack of sleep, and on and on. I want to thank everyone for their input. It is a comfort to know that ppl arent alone in dealing with a problem that can destroy some many lifes. Peace to all of you

colibri Re: Violence and meth

I have a restraining order and have not enforced it enough. So what I need to do is call police whenever my exbf breaks the restraining order. It's good to read it over and know exactly what it says. He threatens me and puts me down every chance he gets.

Second, I had my home burglarized as an act of revenge by my ex. If he knows where she lives, he might vandalize, burglarize or set her house on fire. She needs to think of something to do in this respect.

Third, if her car is parked somewhere where he has access, I would move it into a garage so he can't mess with it. I was afraid my ex would cut my breaklines or put sand in my tank or something.

Fourth, if my ex sees our child, he makes sure to brainwash her by saying bad things about me and disagreeing on anything I try to teach her. It's a nightmare. Physical violence is easy to document and prove and prosecute. These other forms aren't. Meth sucks out all that is good in someone until there is nothing left.

Penelope Re: Violence and meth

I have Mister Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun. Mr. Mossberg is handy - you don't even have to aim.

Just point and click.

Christina1 Re: Violence and meth

I also have a Restraining Order. I call and call... file Report after Report. He stalks and Stalks. 5 years ago while comming down he shattered my jaw with one punch. I have read Law Enforcements Guidlines when dealing with a Meth Addict. They approach with caution. I think as the Addict loses more and more control over their enviorment the angrier and angrier they get. They are so used to feeling in control and Powerful. Keep filing Report after Report... Leave a Paper trail a mile long if ya have to. They can run, but in time they will get caught. They get sloppy after awhile and get picked up for simple things that nail them for bigger warrants.

joplinburns Re: Violence and meth

I felt the same way about the piece of paper but, the bottom line is that they can be arrested and out of your hair if they violate it....and like my x it eventually turns into aggrivated stalking which is a felony. You also have to protect yourself though...one night my x broke in my house and i didnt hear him i woke up because i felt someone stairing at me i had a ball bat beside my bed and a butcher knife in between my mattresses, i went after him with the ball bat and forced him out of the house then called the cops and then my x was picked up on violation of protective order. He had to sit in jail for 20 hours and then was able to bond out....overall last year in bonds from him violating the protective order he spent over 14,000.00 . He had no job...you tell me how he came up with that kind of money....my point is something is better than nothing so have some faith in our legal system they maybe slow but its because so many abuse the order of protection and then return to their boyfriend or girlfriend. If an officer is constantly responding to an indidvidual that follows through every time they know its a real threat.....hang in their and keep me posted tell your daughter their is a light at the end of the tunnel just protect herself as much as she can. My x has been locked up for 5 months so far and his release date is Feb 28, 2009.

kell Re: Violence and meth

You are one of the lucky ones. I am glad everything worked out for you. I also think of the many women who were not as lucky and had that piece of paper only to be murdered.

joplinburns Re: Violence and meth

I thank god everyday---I had the gun in my face once and my house was even shot at but, with every situation i became that much more strong and the higher i went in the police department....if it wasnt for this awesome detective maybe i would be a statistic but, i didnt! following through and going through the chain of command at the police department is the way to go.....and protect yourself!!!! dont be afraid thats what they want tell them to get the hell out of your house, dont answer their phone calls and report them every time.......

dot05 Re: Violence and meth

I love your reply ma!
It is always so sad that it is the children who suffer the most.
One of my husbands meth friends passed me on the highway. It was like a movie, he made a gun with his hand put it to his head and acted like he shot. It was meant for me. I came home wrote the incident up called the sheriffs office and placed the incident on file. This friend is on full mental disablity, takes about 5 psycotrophics, steals his moms valium and is a meth head and cook. I do not have a restraining order but I did get my CW here in Oklahoma.

I cannot believe how stong your daughter is to be so young. I cannot imagine what is like for the parents out there who deal with this. The angels are with you.

Re: Violence and meth

I know a young man (early 20's) that seemed quiet, mild-mannered and sweet, he is my neighbor. He was doing Meth one evening (don't know his addiction history) and became paranoid. An argument escalated and he tried to attack and kill his mom. The boyfriend/step dad stepped in and was stabbed repeatedly by the young man. He was able to escape to his truck and drive to the firestation where he was air-lifted to a hospital in critical condition. Mom was able to run out a window and go to a neighbor to call 911. What is scary is that the boyfriend/step dad is 6'5" and 265 pounds and the young man is 5'5" and 140 pounds. I am convinced that Meth messes & distorts your mind, creates paranoia in you, and if you mix alcohol - look out.

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