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Fertility and meth

Jasmine Does meth makes you less fertile?
I don't know to much about meth and i was hoping someone could answer my question. My boyfriend uses meth occacionally and I wanted to know if by using meth makes you less fertile, or will it be hard for us to have kids one day. I don't use it and I'm against it. If someone knows about this please let me know and I'll really appreciate it. Thank you
Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
Good question. I always wondered this myself.
Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
My question to you is, why are you even contemplating a future with someone who uses illegal drugs, no matter what the frequency?
Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
To the best of my knowledge it still works out ok. Sperm are always being made in a man's body unlike in a woman's body as far as eggs. We are born with the eggs that we will have.
Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
Thanks Rachel!

YEAH. We are going to try next winter. I have been wondering if his past meth use had affected him. I was going to ask the doc anyway.

Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?


My question to you is, why are you even contemplating a future with someone who uses illegal drugs, no matter what the frequency?
Um, I think you should maybe put the children on hold until he quits the meth. If he's using "occasionally" now, it will most likely be his life by the time the children are in this world.

Just my opinion, of course, but this makes no sense to me.
Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
My fiance did quit. And of course I wonder what damage has been done to his body. I hope infertility is not one of them.
kymosabi Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
My husband is a meth addict. Those of you who have seen posts from me already know the story. He's used meth heavily for at least 4 years, I am not and have never been a meth user or any type of addict, I used many of illegal substances in the past but nothing ever grabbed a hold of me and I haven't used any drugs in 7-8 years due to my having our first child, I just quit EVERYTHING cold turkey the day I found out I was pregnant, today is that little miracles birthday by the way, he is 8 years old and as beautiful as an angel! To answer your question though, I do not believe it has any affect on fertility because my husband and I have 5 children which are 8, 5, 4, 2 and 3 months. Meth does however have an affect on body parts functioning properly. I would like to 2nd or 3rd the motion for not having or even considering to have children w/ a meth user, whether they are a social user or a hardcore addict. CPS does not take meth use of any kind litely, if even only 1 parent uses meth they have the right to remove your children from your custody IMMEDIATELY. I used to work for the family court in NJ and I worked for the court system here in FL, not to mention have had first hand experience w/ the system. They can charge the user w/ neglect and/or endangering the children and the innocent parent w/ failing to protect the children. Even if you think, "oh, but he or she never would or has hurt the children", it does not matter! Believe me the reasoning behind not letting a meth user around children is for good reason, they are neglectful of themselves, they don't remember when they last bathed, they are not hungry therefor forget other people still need to eat, they get so swept up in tweaking out they are surely not fit to parent ANYONE, a monkey could do a better job. A meth user has absolutely no good judgement at all. Furthermore, the amount of stress for the other parent is overwhelming. You are forced to be mom and dad, many times you are also feeling as though the user is another child that needs to be told, "it's time to eat, drink your milk, take a bath, change your underwear", you get the picture. It is NO fun at all, not to mention the guilt you will inevitably feel for choosing such a sick individual who is completely unreliable, doesn't or isn't capable of going to sporting events, parent/teacher conferences, being present and functionable for holidays, not that you want them to be at any of the aforementioned in the condition that most of them would show up in...how embarassing..."this is my son/daughters father/mother, yeah the one chewing his/her face off, gritting their teeth, picking the imaginary bugs out from under their skin, talking to make pretend people, dodging make pretend laser beams, crawling on the ground so that the CIA can't find them in broad daylight out in the open!" sounds funny and sometimes it is so outrageous that I have to laugh just because it truly is unbelievable but more so incredibly sad. This is the one I love and brought children into this world with? I hope I painted the rosy picture for you. Do not be fooled by the "occasional" use thing, no one starts out an addict, it's always gradual just as it gradually will escalate. Kids are the most beautiful blessing, why would you do anything to complicate their innocence. It is heart wrenching to have to try to explain how very sick the mom/dad are. Children don't and shouldn't have to understand that, they should be allowed to be kids and not feel like they are there to parent their parent! That is what will happen not to mention conceiving children w/an addict makes them that much more likely to be an addict themselves, if you can control some part of their destiny, why would you even dream of letting them endure that type of pain? If I had my life to do over again, I wouldn't trade my kids for anything in the world, not even my husbands sobriety but I cry for them often that they have to have a dad that is sick and although he wasn't so when we started this family he has been sick and is going to be recovering for the rest of their lives, they didn't ask for this and I feel guilty everyday that they can't have a "normal" childhood. I have been blessed 5 times w/unusually well adjusted kids but that is because I and I alone have done my best at being honest w/ them and also tirelessly protected them from feeling the pain of addiction. I probably over compensate for the shortcomings of hubbie, I make sure I am at EVERY sporting event, I make every holiday outstanding, I am also the disciplinarian and I am very consistent, I have certain expectaions and have also made it clear that their fathers illness has nothing to do w/them, they have done nothing to deserve this. I have told them about tough love, "I love daddy very much but when you do something wrong, there will always be reprocussions, just as when you do something good and you are rewarded," I won't feel guilty if my husband is acting like a coo-coo brain and I tell him to leave the house, yes the kids miss him and want to know why I want daddy to leave but someday they will see that I acted in their best interest and hopefully will thank me for it, I can't feel guilty for NOT enabling his drug use, I am his wife but first and foremost I am a MOTHER! You see that is the beauty of children they love unconditionally, whether you are a pig, a tweaker, skinny, fat, smart, stupid, they don't care they love you no matter what. I will never lose my children again because of his addiction. You get to a point when you have "to let go and let God".
Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
Kym, you are truly awesome! I'm glad you came back to be with us. We truly do need you as you need to share some of your burden.

I surely hope that the excellent picture you painted was understood as the cold hard truth. I know it is hard to paint it, but very therapeutic and healing.

The fact is, just being involved with a meth addict in even the slightest way brings pain and sadness. They are attempting possible suicide every time they use and that means that they need HELP-Period!

Oh, and your story is a perfect example of the fact that even the God given Blessing of a child may not keep the meth addict(or supposed occasional user) from stopping. There IS NO GUARANTEE that a user will ever choose to stop.
Re: Does meth makes you less fertile?
Well, it must not affect fertility. My ex-addict managed to get his nasty, meth tramp pregnant and she had a 10 lb baby! She was also a user, even while she was pregnant.

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