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How long does meth stay in the body physically?

How long does meth stay in the body physically?
I dont know? does anyone else know?
writerjp Re: How long does meth stay in the body physically?
It all depends on the person I would think or how much meth the person used.
RIP Re: How long does meth stay in the body physically?
Meth can be detected in urine between 3-5 days

Hair testing can be up to 90 days.
Re: How long does meth stay in the body physically?
Meth can stay in the body for up to 7 months and even over. It actually stores it's self in the fatty tissues and releases through body fluids. Sure a test can turn out negative after a few days of abstaining but it takes months to release totally from your body.
My sponsor tested positve for meth up to 10 months. Now, take into consideration the fact she was a heavy user and the test where run through a doctors office. She actually had them test her for it. So a home test is not going to be as accurate.
Anyway, that is what I have learned.
Much love to "ALL" who suffer from the effects of adiction

Loraura Re: How long does meth stay in the body physically?
Half life of meth is 4-5 hours.

The body BEGINS breaking it down as soon as it is detecting in the brain. But unlike cocaine, which can be easily and quickly broken down by the body, meth takes hours to break down.

Urine and hair tests are not testing for ACTUAL meth, they are testing for the by-products the body breaks it down to. That's why tests can have false positives from certain other prescription and OTC drugs, because they can share some of the same by-products when metabolized by the body.

A half-life is defined as The time required for half the quantity of a drug deposited in a living organism to be metabolized or eliminated by normal biological processes.

So in 5 hours, there is half the amount of meth left in the body.

5 hours = 1/2 of the product left
10 hours = 1/4
15 hours = 1/8
20 hours = 1/16
25 hours = 1/32
30 hours = 1/64
35 hours = 1/128
40 hours = 1/256
and so on...

And so on.

By the time 35 hours have passed there is less than 1% of actual meth left.

That would leave very little meth to detect in a blood test, or by-product to detect in a urine test.

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