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Seeking advice on addiction treatment centers

Seeking advice on addiction treatment centers
Ok. I won't go into great detail on how we got where we are because it is just same old stuff new day. I now need some advice on treatment centers. I am so confused on what he need or does not need. Here is the short run down. He is of course addicted to multiple drugs. Anything and everything pretty much now. Drug of choose is Meth. We had a phycological evaulation done by a individual doctor. The results. He is ADHD, has a boarderline personality disorder and shows signs of bi-polar. They did not rule out bi-polar. Guess with drug addiction it is hard to say if it is the drugs or a true mental illness. I don't know. I took my husband a month back to a treatment facility. They were not a hospital, not a lockdown facility just a chemical treatment center ONLY. He liked it but he got sick after three day and they had to medical discharge him due to staph infection. So..Long story short he did not go back he convinced himself by the time he was feeling better he did not need it anymore. Of course he relapsed. Now here we are he was VERY VERY got of control. Everyone (family) was telling me he needs a dual diagnosis facility to deal with mental issues ( ADHD, has a boarderline personality disorder and shows signs of biopolar) and drug addiction. So I find one. He is now there in DETOX after an all night ordeal the other night. This is his second day in DETOX. He said that they are all CRAZY not on his level. So I called and spoke with the woman. She said where he was at that is probably true. That most of then in that area are mental issues only. He has told me some stories in a few days time. I feel for him. He was just there to DETOX and then have a assessment then to be moved to a residential treatment unit. Ok.. My thing is how can they say he is this or that and put him on medicine if they have not done testing on him? I know he has to detox first. But they took him off his Stattera medicine for ADHD which is a non-stimulant and I just don't understand that. It really did help him when he was clean to slow him down. He says he hates it, it is dirty, the food is bad, and it is trashy. He said he wants to go back to the other facility for his drug treatment. So...What do I do? If it is that bad of course I want him in a clean, positive treatment center. But at the other one he will not have MD availiable. Why can't I find a facility that does both that is nice, clean and they can speak good English. I am very frustrated. I feel like I took him to the wrong place AGAIN. How did you guys feel the first couple of days in DETOX and treatment. How do you choose the right one? There are SO many and I call, call and they all say this or that but when he gets there it seem to be a different story. I have told him to hold on until the evaulation. Then if he is moved to the residential treatment center and it is that bad then we will talk about moving him. He is said he would do it there if he had to. I just don't know. This is his LIFE and I need to make sure we have him in the right place for recovery. I am so CONFUSED. Then we have the issue of our INSURANCE what a PAIN. He said at the other facility they were positive and it was a better place. But once again he would not be getting medicine for the mental side only what he is already on. HELP...I just want to find the right place. How do you know what will be the best place for your loved one? The area I am in Dallas, Texas area. There are TONS of places around the metroplex. Insurance company is no help. Internet makes them all look good. He needs help and I want it to be the best facility we can get. Advice? Oh also how in the world to I keep my spaces in my post? It sends it as all one pharagraph. That is not how I typed it. Something has got to get easier.
Re: Seeking advice on addiction treatment centers
Honestly, I got dizzy and exhausted just reading your post.

You know I care a great deal about you, gal

When are you going to get out of the way and let God do the work?

Personally, I'd trust what the detox place is recommending for now.

I have yet to hear what you are doing for YOU in any of your posts.

For me, the harder I tried to 'help' and orchestrate his life, the worse it got.

You don't know what's best for him, and neither do I.

Let the professionals who currently are caring for him make the decisions.

Get out of the driver's seat. (((hugs)))
Loraura Re: Seeking advice on addiction treatment centers
The ability for a facility to help is not based on if the patient is as messed up as all the other patients.

If he gets help there, who cares if he gets the "least screwed up patient" award?

Depending on how long he's been completely sober, I would imagine he's still stabilizing.

I'm not surprised that they D/Cd all non essential medication. There may be a good reason why they stopped the Straterra. I do think it's impossible to make any accurate long-term diagnosis on someone who's brain has not had sufficient sober time to recover. They can, of course, identify symptoms he has, and identify the disorders that share those symptoms, but they are diagnosing an altered brain, not his brain as it would normally be after healing to the best of it's ability from drug abuse.

If it's harmful or dangerous then I would consider other actions. If not, then I would give it a chance.

Then again, neither you or I can do that. Only he can decide if he gives it a chance or not.
mcr Re: Seeking advice on addiction treatment centers
I think he should stick it out for the psych evaluation.
He should be glad he's not one of the other crazy patients instead of worrying that they are crazier.
If it's dirty and the food is bad---well, jail is worse, life on the streets is worse and if he doesnt know these two realities and this is the worst place he's been he should be garteful for that too.

How long does he have to be in this not nice place?

I dont know if ur mission should be finding the perfect place or rather finding the perfect process. I mean a good place yes. eventually, he should be at that treatment center he liked or one simliar but he has a road and this is just a stop on that road and it isnt pleasant. would u stick it out at the psych place? I would.

Once he has that evalutation in his hand, he can move toward the next step. I've never used but I've had to do a lot of things in my life for the sake of getting to better places and a lot of it wasnt nice or easy and I did it. I had to. Am I oversimplyfying? I hope not and I certainly understand u are concerned for him. I hope he stays put.
Re: Seeking advice on addiction treatment centers
I slept and slept all day. I was exhausted. I told them at the hospital if he does not want a bed there. I do !! This is his second day in DETOX. They are going to do the assesstment today then make a recommendation on what they feel he needs. They have pretty much already told me residential treatment for a max of 30 days. He will do it there or at the other facility. It is just which facility is going to work better for him. I am sorry TenderheartsKS I know the dizzy and exhausted feeling I am that everyday. I know you are right. It is just so damn hard to let go. I have prayed for guidance for myself. I am tierd, exhausted and have nothing else left to give. Hum what am I doing for me? Good question. I would have to say NOTHING if I am completely honest. I guess in my sick head I think I will get him settle and then I can work on me. I KNOW that could be a life time. Trust me I have no clue what is best for him. I don't even know what is best for me anymore other than to get out and get some help for myself. Something has got to change.
Re: Seeking advice on addiction treatment centers
Well, something IS changing! You are

You are recognizing YOUR NEEDS. You have to stay healthy and it's not a joke that many many many loved ones of meth addicts DO END UP in the hospital for both mental and physical ailments. VERY OFTEN!

Let's see,
Throughout my time of trying to manage and fix the meth addict boyfriend(only a boyfriend mind you) I suffered from:

Anger(probably bi polar symptoms enough to be committed)
Extreme Exhaustion
Adrenal weakness
Laryngitis(guess why?)
Dangerous illegal driving-(not drunk, just insane chasing the addict who took my truck)
Broken Toe-from being so mad I kicked a truck seat lying in the yard
consistent red & swollen eyes(from crying)
weight loss
weight gain
heart palpitations
panic attacks
std checks
negligence of my kids
late paying bills
yelling at my kids
yelling at the neighbors when they weren't home
huge electric and phone bills(from staying up all hours and talking on the phone etc)
carpal tunnel (from using the computer so much)
loss of friendships, family relationships, and God

It's truly amazing how letting that all go and letting God just handle it hasn't changed a thing in the addict but CHANGED ME IMMENSELY and IMPROVED MY LIFE.

I look back and realize that I thought I was God. I really did. I'm embarassed to say, I thought life wouldn't go on if I didn't have my efficient loving caring fingers into everything the addict did.

Guess what? Nothing I did is appreciated yet....the meth addict is 3 months clean in jail and I still haven't received any thank you letters and I'm not waiting for them anymore. Just as he needs to get clean and in recovery for himself, he needs to have room to thank himself and God and depend on only himself and God-not me. Maybe one day, far into his recovery, he might just thank me for letting him have the dignity to do it on his own.

Also, his family and old non using friends haven't thanked me either....not for helping nor for letting go. It's just me who takes care of me. There are no rewards for micro managing a meth addict into recovery. Some might thank their spouses or friends or parents for helping them into recovery, but ultimately, they should be thanking themselves and God.

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