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The Cat in the Sack meth poem

The Cat in the Sack meth poem
Hey that reminds me of a poem I wrote after my Dear Friend Lori committed suicide with a lethal meth injection.
The Cat in the Sack

MY NAME IS METH.... and I've come to your town
You know who I am, you've seen me around

The Earth didn't make me, I'm a product of man
Who'd like to make money..... however he can

I'll tempt you, I'll seduce you, I'll arouse curiosity
And the door will swing open to join this atrocity

All that it takes is just one little sniff
And you're well on your way...... to being a stiff

I'll take the smile off your face and make sores in it's place
I'll take all that's yours..... in trade for disgrace

I'll make you so thin that you'll look like Twiggy
You'll behave most strangely and act really wiggy

Now come a little closer, be a part of my lie
Let me fool you and trick you... 'til you just want to die

Whatever you've got I will take as you rot
You might think this is bull, I assure you it's not

Your family, your friends, your Mom and your Dad
They will all fade away.... to become those that you had

You'll hate those you love and love what you hate
But don't worry about that 'cause I'll be your date

You'll do what you can to make your next deal
Whatever it takes.... you'll lie cheat and steal

The spouse, the house, the dog and the truck
They will all have to go..... for with me you are stuck

So tell me, I'm puzzled, I don't understand
Why people like you put their heads in the sand?

Don't you know that you're one of a kind?
There's no one else out there like you I can find

Why can't you be happy inside your own skin?
Why do you change this creation you've been?

Is the wonder and magic of life not enough
That you'd give it all up for this nasty stuff?

And don't forget all the hearts you will break
If you choose to go out and make this mistake

Now ask this question... just one last time
"Do I want to be.... what I hear in this rhyme?"

What do you think? have I yet said enough?
Do you think you will turn and run from this stuff?

OK! enough of this crazed psycho babble
But tell me, I wonder.... do you still want to dabble?

If you say yes you won't really be phat
You'll be a loser like me......
The Cat in the Sack
Dedicated to my dear friend Lori Haggerman. Dead from meth 10/6/04
Re: The Cat in the Sack meth poem
Dan, you never rode the short bus, you rode in a limo...genius like Dr. Suess

I do like that hat, I do I do!
Re: The Cat in the Sack meth poem
The simple truth is Luv...I quit paying attention in school when they quit reading Dr. Suess to us.

And a sad day it was
Re: The Cat in the Sack meth poem
The odd truth is that I remember Dr. Suess's words deep in my heart and I'm still learning to understand them and how wise they are. I don't remember a whole lot of the other schooling....some of the Constitution.

Tee Tee Ta

I remember that from music class...specially when I'm drumming

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