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After quitting meth, how long to think clearly?

ksparks -
   How long after you were clean did it take for you to start thinking clearly? How much time does it take before you had your "What was I thinking moment" and regret for all of your bad choices and the things you gave up set in? The reason I'm asking is my husband has been clean for sure (21 days) and maybe (24 days). He is still making decisions that make no sense and he contradicts himself all of the time. He thinks he is thinking clearly and he decisions are fine. (IE. selling his business, leaving his family, moving in with a meth using girlfriend who of course says she hasn't used since she last used with him)


   It took me several months ... At least 4 ... And it grew gradually from there

tm -
   6 months to a year to start thinking clearly. Had my "what the hell am I doing" moment while I was still using. I try not to look back or waste my time feeling guilty or wondering about "what was I doing". I just try to keep looking ahead - to see that life is good now that I'm back.

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