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When will meth fog or brain fog clear?


When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

So could a doctor treat me if I don't inform him of my meth use? How does an E.E.G. work if I just tell the neuro I'm having brain fog and bad head aches? Will it be able to show my neurotransmitters? It really sucks feeling like this everyday. I put meth behind me but now I have to live like this.

Has everyone experienced this and how long? Thanks for all your help



Re: When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

Victoria, how long has it been....I am trying to remember?
I know that I was completely honest with my doctor.....when I went in for a complete physical after I was clean for about 7 or 8 months.
I am in my 50's and now realize just how dangerous my meth use was.
The *fog* that I experienced was something I felt after I was coming down....
For me , the slow lead weight heavy feeling was gone fairly early into recovery.

But the little glitches in my heart are what still concerns me.
I would hope that you can be honest with your doctor......but I understand your fear.


Re: When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

The meth fog always came when I was coming down from Meth as well. It lifted very early in recovery. I, as well, took my first physical at 8-9 months and came clean with my doctor. I was scared to death to tell him, but, wanted him to be aware of it so he could look for certain problem that can come from meth use. He had only a positive response to me. Telling me he was proud of what I was doing by getting me life back together. He also was interested in the recovery process coming from someone first hand. So, I would suggest giving it some more thought as to telling him. It is your health that comes first and the only way to get true results is to tell him the truth. Good luck in whatever decision you come up with.


Re: When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

It has been a year and 8 months now. Forever! and still the fog hasn't lifted. What kind of doctor should I see and will he be able to fix me? I wanted to try Wellbutrin since it is a dopamine inhibitor and see if it helps clear the fog.

I also felt the fog when I was coming down but it would usually go away within a day or 2 then I would be back to normal. The second to last time I used I noticed that the fog hadn't gone away within a month or two then I used meth one more time after that and I felt clear the next day and then the fog came and I have felt like that ever since. It feels better at times but sometimes really bad. I've noticed it gets worse after I eat sometimes and I still feel very tired all of the time. I might tell the doctor that I have used drugs in the past but I'm not sure if this is the reason for how i feel. Its hard to tell a doctor because I can't really tell my parents that I did meth and they are the ones paying my doctor bills and I just don't want to be reccomended to an addictionologist or something... What should I do?


Re: When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

You don't have to worry about your doctor telling your parents. They have a policy that says that they can not share patient information with anyone without your permission. At least my doctor has that policy. Do what you think is right.

Eve au

Re: When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

I have a general policy with professionals (doctors, my lawyer, dental tech, and so forth). I tell them the complete truth upfront and let them figure out what's relevant and what's the best way to handle things on my behalf.

I've only had positive (in the sense of constructive) responses ... if you don't count the one time when my family lawyer said that I should be charged with criminal stupidity instead of the charge(s). And even that worked out for the best because I was facing up to 2 decades incarceration and I got a mostly suspended sentence for 4 years.

I find it a lot less stressful and efficient just to be honest with the pro's upfront and let them do what they're being paid to do... which generally includes confidentiality. Like I've been told, "Red might be the one writing the check, but I'm working for you." Red is a nickname for my father.

Hope this helps and that your fog lifts soon. I remember all too well what the meth fog is like.


Re: When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

My son has been clean for awhile now and he talks about the "meth fog." He has totally blown me away with things he has told me. I really think it has blown him away. He is strugglin' with things he has done and askin' dear ole mom to help. Mom has not been where he is and pray I never am.

Meth fog............IMHO.............you just gotta work it thru............you did it....................?

Probably not a lot of help but something I'm goin' thru right now with my son and it's hard and it hurts...........him and me. We just workin' it......the best we can at this time.

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