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Quitting Meth: Things to think about

   Some things to think about if you are going to quit meth
   First of all, how long since a doctor looked you over? Probably been too long, it would be a good idea to get a general checkup making sure that you tell your doctor that you have been using meth (there are special things he needs to check because of the meth use) your doctor is not going to call your family, or the cops, it is his duty to help you, not give you more grief. If you think you have some depression issues, it is nothing to ignore, I for one have been on a mild antidepressant called effexor for several months, I think it has also helped with leaving the meth behind, do not limit yourself if you don't have to.
   A trip to the health food store is also a good idea, there are several regiments of supplements that you can take that will help your body heal, talk to the guy at the store that takes his job to heart, not someone that is new or ignorant, you can do it! They can help! I found that telling the guy exactly what you are trying to do is the best thing to get accurate help.
   A trip to the gym is your key to a quick detox, after you start starving your brain of meth, it will go into shock, you will sleep, you will eat, and your energy will bottom out. I slept for a month!
   The gym will offer you several important things:
   Something other than dope to do! · Somewhere that has health aware to be social with. · Someone that knows how to get your out of the energy crisis! · A sauna!!!!!!
   The sauna. Lets talk about that. If you have toxins in your body that you want out, the best way is to metabolize them out, this is done using the vehicle of sweat. If you are also having an energy crisis of a personal nature, the sauna can get you to metabolize without running a million laps. I cannot stress it enough, want to feel better quick? Think low tech.
   Your body will work with you if you let it. I took the hard way, the couch grouch method, but I am an ass and have paid that price. Sometimes knowing isn't enough, I am living proof.

   If you have friends that have nothing to offer beyond dope, they are not your friends, they are some people you hung out with to feel normal while doing dope. Lose the people in your life that cannot aid you in being sober. If you insist on keeping some people in your life that do dope, ask them not to offer, talk or be on it while near you, if they can't do this for you, re-evaluate your meaning of friend.
   Do not lie to yourself, turn your weakness into strength that is a personal chore that no one can do for you. · Know your enemy. · Know your terrain.
   Theses are old sayings from dead people, but truth doesn't expire with age, only deception does.

   Some personal affirmations that I personally use to deconstruct my meth use logic:

  1. I will do the best with what I have

  2. I will reach for what I need

  3. I can be the first one

  4. I started dope in ignorance

  5. I left dope educated: they are connected.

  6. I can tell the difference between right and wrong

  7. I am more than I was yesterday

  8. What is good for me will be revealed by its actions in my life.

  9. Same for what is bad.

  Most of this is simple. So simply find what works for you and keep it close to you, touch it often.
   You are not alone; you are not at the mercy of anyone but yourself. Hope it helps.
- Eddie

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