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Dilated Pupils and Methamphetamine Use

dialted pupils??
After a person has been using meth for quite sometime...do the dilated pupils go away? or is it different with everyone??

Re: dilated pupils??

They dilate with each use.

Mrs Korea Re: dilated pupils??

Maybe I am one in a million, but whenever I used meth, hardly ever did my pupils dilate. They did sometimes, but not everytime. Half the time no one ever knew I was high. Well more than half the time, unless they were there when I smoked.

Re: dilated pupils??

Some dope or meth would make my eyes bigger than others. Also the more tolerance I built up the less I noticed it on my own eyes.

Re: dilated pupils??

here yah go.. The trick is this. Like some people said, pupils dont always dialate. I know I had enough of a tolerance mine almost never would.

What to look for is if they contract slowly when exposed to light, check your own eyes in a mirror sometime. When you shine light in them they get small very quickly, someone who's high's eyes even if they don't dilate extra will appear very sluggish when they contract by comparison. peace.

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